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After years fighting ED, small veinous leak, using Cialis, Edex injections, from 10 mg to 20 mg, I took the plunge last week and had penile implant surgery (Titan 3 piece Coloplast--I like reliability.) Still very much swollen, bruised, pain, but, ever hopeful. I like spontaneity, which Edex did not give me, plus, I worried about material build up over the years, and the after pain was not pleasant. I am hoping to resume sex in 4 weeks, but, that might be pushing it. Too bad I cannot give away my 3 months of Edex, but, I believe I will be much happier in the long run. I am in outstanding health, and so many more years to come, I believe. Any advice or pointers or any information would be appreciated---kind of difficult to talk with anyone--...I not the web searches on post-recovery has some degree of conflicting information on timings of resuming fitness activities, activations, sex, masturbation, the degree of pain, etc.

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tell me how does it look? Feel? Did your cock get Smaller after the implant? Do you have a "3rd ball" in your sack?

This is Day 7...I am still in pain...mostly from the penis shaft and balls, not at all from the 2 incisions. I had infrapubic. I am swollen...my scrotum is very large, very black, blue, and purple, with purple on the penis and even my crotch. I am inflated at 50% or so...not comfortable to have an erection like that, and underwear is uncomfortable, but, I need to keep it in line with my midsection. I had my first Dr visit Friday. I did, on Monday, ignore his advice, and tried to pump it up. (The pump is very tough, requiring a lot of pressure). I then deflated it back to where he had it. My starting length was 165mm, circumference, 160mm. I measured the erection at 127mm. However, I am not at all certain I inflated to maximum, in fact, I believe I did not, plus, there is a significant swelling at the incision site at the base of the penis ( a mound), so, I do not know if, when that goes away, it will lengthen the shaft, or at least, the appearance of lengthening. So, an unknown as to the loss of length. I am comfortable losing a cm but, hate to lose more. The girth seems ample still, and loss there would not be a problem. Yes, the 3rd ball is interesting...and it does interfere with my right nut a bit, but, again, I have to wait and see what it is like after the smoke clears and swelling is down. Also, the penis shaft is still mostly numb, and I can feel the cylinders. (The reason I went ahead and tried to inflate was a study I read in my research....ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/250...

I will be happy when I look like my old self, I am practised at inflating and deflating--so far, not too hard, but for the rigidity of the pump--and, I can determine I lost little or even nothing in length.

I would really appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, experiences. Thanks, Ron

thank you thank you please keep me informed as often as possible the progress of healing that you're making and most importantly the functional results afterward

If it were me, I would definitely follow your implant surgeon or Urologist's advice. You'll get advice all over the place on forums. Everyone has good intentions but every situation is unique and "One size fits all" (pun intended) does not apply here. And it's easy to speak frankly with a professional in an office environment.

You may want to check this post from Darryl:

Questions for ED doctors on our Livestream


I agree...after my one time, no more touching. I will let it be.

I had the implant done Dec 1 2016. Very glad I did it and wife is also.

Ronswohio in reply to Bill_Moore

Did my comments on pain and swelling relate at all to your experience? I am 76, so, don't heal as well as I once did...I assume the swelling, bruising and numbness subside over the next 14 or so days...when did you first activate to full? (Thank you for responding!!!)

Bill_Moore in reply to Ronswohio

My experience immediately after is different than most would experience. I was 50 and have a bunch of autoimmune issues including lupus so I don't heal like other people. I used a bunch of ice. Pain levels were bad but again, my other issues include chronic pain so wouldn't be a good baseline for others. I just made sure the whole area was numb from ice.

Thanks! As Ernest Hemingway said: Above all, one must endure. I am looking forward to the clearing of it, and it will be, as it seems with you, to be a distant memory. The result is all that matters!

Well? It's been 2 months. I am sure you took it around the block a few times by now. Lol. Happy with results?

Ronswohio in reply to Bill_Moore

It's working as advertised!!!! Fantastic! I lost 1/2 to 1 inch, but, no pain, works fine!!!!!

Bill_Moore in reply to Ronswohio

I lost a total of about 3in. 1 for the open RP and the rest was due to the scar tissue of the years of injections. I am going back into surgery end of this or beginning next year for a new system. They had to go with a slimmer one due to scaring.


Wishing you the best with your new Penile Implant.

I was implanted with the Coloplast Titan IPP (Inflatable Penile Prosthesis)

in 2007 and it completely corrected my ED.

My wife and I have fully enjoyed my Titan for the past 10+ years and counting!!


It is SO much better than messing with injections! I love it!!!!

I had the colourplast titan implant on the 3.3.this year i was told it would be ok to use after 6 weeks it took a bit longer in my case .But now its great you do loose a bit of length and the guy in the next bed to me in Hospital was bisexual and damaged his playing football .In his words anal sex is the only thing that makes him sore ,I must say its a life changer ok you do have the pump in your scrotum and a scar on your penis ,But on the posative my girlfriend was over last week and was washing up and the thought went through my mind she has got a nice arse ,It takes 20 seconds to pump up your penis and thats it i pushed her over the sink and did the deed .you wont regret it .

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