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Ed from whey protein

I know that most people will say it is on your mind and pathetic to say that i got that from whey protein.

There is a few minority of people who are facing this.

I have been suffering from ed for 1.5 year already. Since the time when i started taking whey, i got zero sexual desire and got some kind of mood swing. And no more hard emotions like not even afraid to meet and greet strangers too. Physicall nothing wrong as i can still get morning erections 5 or 6 times when asleep and can have sex with my bf with even 11.25mg of viagra. Here is the link to the thread that we, suffering from whey, have been finding out the answer for years.


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I have started havin ed problems in a new relationship since taking amino acisd supplement to help with my weight lifting...even though many say if anything it should boost ur sexual performance...think i will go off it and trial it to see if any changes...so who knows, whey could be a issue as well?


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