I have ED! My Doctor does not want me on Viagra as it brings on bad cases of indigestion and headaches. Cannot masturbate and that weighs heavy on me not getting that semen out of my testicles. I have started getting sucked off by a household vacuum. Although it is diseasless I just wonder if it puts a strain on my kidneys or other organs? Tried to just enlarge my penis to have sex but reaction does not last long enough for sex with my GF!

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  • you are getting of by a household vacuum cleaner. You say you cannot masturbate? My thoughts are, what is the difference! Getting off with a vacuum, isn't that same as masturbation.

    Viagra gives you a head ache and indigestion? My advice is take some Aspirin, Tums, or acid reducer.

    I would not put my Dick inside a vacuum cleaner. whether or not it caused any damage to other organs.

  • I think that his name should be Dyson.

    When my wife was a nurse the hospital had a lot of guys come it who were very attached to their Vacuums!

  • Hi Happymorning. Please stop using your vacuum cleaner on your penis. You risk damage beyond repair. Please call your urologist, today, and ask for advise, sharing the information you posted here. You are not alone in having ED and wanting to ejaculate.

  • I agree. Get a VED prescription from your Urologist. Both my primary and secondary insurance companies denied coverage. But only $320 or so from Unysen.

  • Thanks so much Darryl have a blessed day!

  • Whoa! Slow down, dude! Take a deep breath. Now . . . There are dozens of solutions for your situation. But first: How long have you had ED? Do you know the cause? How old are you? I'll give you a brief explanation of my situation and relate it to you:

    I am 65 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago. After getting a Radical Prostatectomy (RP) - a real bummer, let me tell you - I had total ED for two years. Viagra and Cialis gave me headaches but had no erections whatsoever. MUSE just gave me pain, I did not do injections but I got a medical grade VED (vacuum erection device). That might be a direction for you to follow, but see a urologist first. A VED will give you erections and maintain blood flow to the penis and maintain size, which you need. I'm surprised that your doctor (is he/she a urologist?) didn't tell you about that. Also, a VED has constriction rings designed to maintain an erection. Kind of worked for me, but I opted for an implant after two years and I' couldn't be happier with it.

    So, the first step would be to lay off the vacuum cleaner (trust me; a VED will give you suction 20 times what a vacuum cleaner will do but it's safe as long as you get the medical grade kind that has a cut-off), then go to a REAL urologist and he/she will, if you pardon the expression, get the ball rolling.

  • Charles: Darryl has already told me to quit. Started having prostrate problems in april of last year. Went to a doctor and he told me that he wanted to do surgery that week. Went to my Daughters' hospital where she works for second opinion. Doctor gave me 2 prescriptions one for my weird timing on peeing and one to promote a right kidney problem. Last time I talked to my Doctor at hospital he said it looked as though the pills were doing just fine. I was hoping he would give me Cialis but of course he would not do that. Sometimes Doctors have salesman that talk them into selling /using their product. I really think some up to date Cialis would have kicked in my sex life. Going to Raleigh soon to the Man;s Clinic and see what they can do for me in getting on the hard. My pills are Finesteride for the kidney and Tamsulosin for my having to pee six times a nite. Thanks

  • Hi happymorning. This sounds a lot like some of my experience. Frequent urgency to pee is a sign of enlarged prostate, and Finasteride and Tamulosin are meds I took to relieve some of the effects of that. You didn't say what kind of surgery the doc wanted to do; was it a TURP, by chance? That's a procedure to trim away some of the prostate tissue surrounding the urethra and squeezing it, thus restricting pee flow. That pinching of the urethra also prevents you from completely draining your bladder and can have "upstream" implications as well...i.e. kidney. As others have said, get yourself to a urologist and I'd add, do some online research on this yourself so that you can have quality discussion and ask the right questions of the doc. This may or may not have much to do with getting a hard on, but you need to know what's going on.


  • Hi ask your doctor for cialis 5mg daily for me no headaches

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