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Not sure

Ive a lump in penis anout the size of a pea. Its at the bottom of head of penis internally its not sitting out. I can feel it more when erect if i squeeze in gently to it. It tends to be sore from time to time. I was at docs a few months ago about it and she thought it was a pube root so she pulled out the pube and thought it would sort it but no. I have this a few years now and i think personally its a cist but not sure. It doesnt usually affect sex. Any thoughts or treatments welcome.

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Could be any of a number of things, but best not to self-diagnose.

Following up on the cyst theory you should be talking to a dermatologist as cysts are really in their territory. I've had some experience with cysts (thankfully not on my penis): some harden up and get encapsulated and isolated, others remain soft and connected with systems which keep them filled with rather noxious gunk. The former have become benign and can be left in place, but if annoying are fairly easy for a surgeon to nip out. The latter sometimes burst under the skin and cause messy infections -- not something you want on a penis. They can come back unless the (micro)surgeon is able to find and close off the connecting tube.

Best to have an expert check it out as there are several different kinds of skin on a penis and other diagnoses are possible. That should put your mind at ease.



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