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Deeply humbled by the success of this community

Hi everyone,

I just want to mention how amazing it is to see the care and support being shared in this community for those affected by epilepsy in South Africa. This is our most successful HealthUnlocked community we have started in SA thus far and we believe there is a lot of potential for more communities around other conditions.

We are always open to suggestions of other organisations in SA who would benefit from HealthUnlocked communities, so please feel free to give your feedback.

Many thanks,

Lora S.


Community Manager

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Hi Lora, Thank you for your comments above and yes, much care and support is being shared within the community of those with epilepsy. I have had epilepsy for 39 years now and been 14 months seizure free at last. Facing epilepsy has been a long ride but it has made me stronger as a person and helped me support others through Facebook and Twitter to help them go forward in life. Please see my new Community Page on Facebook, i.e. facebook.com/lesdonn which, I hope, will be shared more. My Twitter address is @LesleyDonnelly1 should anyone want to make contact.


Hello, my name is Saloshini and I have epilepsy. I see these below messages are dated 3 years ago, but I am hoping someone would be still reading this and can help me. It shows it as the care and comfort community. I am 42 years and seriously looking for a residence as my parents are late and I had to give up my own flat, car, job, etc, when I was diagnosed. And I have since had the surgery as well. Can someone please help, as I have tried every association I am finding. I am 42 years and have been medically boarded, so I do have a monthly income and my own medical aid. Please help me with a residence in Cape Town. I would really appreciate all help. Thank you, Saloshini Chetty


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