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Why would the gaverment not send me my medications?

I live in Napier, 2 hours drive from Cape Town. I am not allowed to drive, but must every month with the help of other people fetch my medications at Tigerburg Hospital Cape Town.

Can somebody please help?

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Hi, reference is made to your query above. One question to ask first: Is Tigerburg Hospital in Cape Town a Government Hospital? If so, it is up to the patient to be registered as a member of an Outpatients Clinic in the relevant Govt. Hospital. It is then up to the patient to collect their medication from the Clinic concerned, whether you drive or not. Government Hospitals do not deliver medication to their Outpatients. I am a member of an Outpatients Clinic in KZN. I also do not drive, but have to rely on my husband once a month to take me to collect my own medication from them, depending on the day given by them for collection. Usually, one is given a card for the Outpatients Clinic, which is dated for a month in advance. If difficulty is experienced collecting medication on a particular day, it is up to the person concerned to collect when they can. Should you have any further queries, please ask. Thank you. Les


Dear Lesmal, I am registered as a outpatient at Tigerburg Hospital. The thing I really don't understand is...

Here is a gaverment medic clinic in Napier. All people are recieving thier medications every month there. I have registered there but was told to fetch my medications from Tigerburg Hospital Cape Town.


I suggest you phone or contact Medi Clinic and find out the reason why you have to collect your medication from Tigerburg Hospital, Cape Town. One usually has to collect from the Govt. Hospital one is registered with, otherwise you have to ask Tigerburg Hospital for a referral letter to collect from a Clinic in your area. This was the process I went through after 4 years of going down to R.K. Khan Hospital in order to get myself registered with Hillcrest Govt. Hospital which is based in my area. As far as I know, it is not up to the hospital to deliver... I was told they are already doing you a favor by supplying you the medication. If the patient needs or wants the medication, it is up to the patient to collect.


Thank you Lesmal, I will contact Medi Clinic or even just try to find out if there might be a goverment hospital any closer.

Thank you very much Lesmal


Dear Nudnikid, it's a pleasure. The choice is yours where ever you wish to obtain your medication. Whether Medi Clinic is also Govt. I am not sure. It may be a private medical facility. Good luck and let me know what progress you make.


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