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Why not share your story?

One of the best ways for people with epilepsy to connect with each other it to share your story - the experience you've been through with your condition. That's what this blog section is for. There are 11 members in this community so far... let's make it a vibrant place where more people will want to join, ask questions, and provide support!

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I was diagnosed last month with TLE, so far after being admitted for depression n having to find out about epilepsy has been very confusing not sure if I'm coming or going. I'm scared to go out. My doctor decided to put me on 6 months disability

Leave so I'm not going to work now I feel like I'm really going crazy

Not sure where to start getting my life back on track.


Hi darkangel,

Thank you so much for sharing. Since your comment is shown underneath my post, a lot of people on this site won't see it. Can you do me a favor? Click "Home", and in the area below "Welcome" click "Write a blog post". Then copy and paste your message into there and the community will be able to respond!

Hope this helps you.

Best wishes,



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