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Epilepsy South Africa
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To medicate or not to medicate?

Hi all, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy after a car accident when I was 14 years old. I was prescribed Tegretol at the time; after experiencing adverse side effects I discontinued the use of any Meds. I am 32 now and had my first "concious" seizure two weeks ago. I have been to see a Neurologist and have been prescribed Epitec 100mg. I started out with 25mg for a week, upped dose to 50mg and will increase to 75mg next week untill I reach 100mg the week after. I am responding well to the meds but have come to realise that stress is a direct cause of triggering a "lingering" or even a full-on seizure. I take Azor 1mg twice daily and a sleeping tablet at night (Epitec keeps me awake ?!?)

All in all I feel much more in control but feel tempted to phase out the meds once again- I don't currently have the luxury of a medical aid so can't habve all the fancy scans and tests done... What would your opinion be on me rather controlling my stress levels or should I stay on Epitec?

Please voice your opinion- I am rather clueless!

Thank you all!

EpicLectic... :)

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i don't think is good idea to completely withdraw the medication , after i lost my mother i found myself under a verry serious stress and medication was too much and i was on epilim 500 ec ,epilim 500 ct, epanutin 100mg, topomax 50mg ,lamictin 100mg and i was using venlor and respidal to control the stress and one morning i woke up and decided that enough is enough i prayed God to give me a streng and wisdon to deal with mys stress issues , now im taking only topamaz, what im trying to say say is take it easy and remember your are in charge


Thank u mabora- and I am taking charge! ;)


One would suggest that you continue with medication. When I began treatment, I experienced some challenges but eventually the side effects disappearsd. Before taking any decision about continuation or discontinuation please engage with a medical professional.


Thanks Latha- I have determined that my state of mind and stress levels are directly linked to the probability of bringing on a seizure- as long as I keep stress under control I'll be just fine! :)


I don't suggest stopping medication totally. I have had epilepsy for 39 years and in all this time, only went 15 months seizure free. I would never stop taking my medication no matter what. I am well controlled and go days and weeks without seizures, but I believe my medication is helping me to stay that way! Consult a medical professional first before making any decisions. All the best with whatever you decide!


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