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Uber et al

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Do you guys think that we could approach a ride-share service, like Uber (they seem the safest bet, with security checks in place etc) for a discount based on our epilepsy? I for one, find it extremely difficult to do things like go to the movies and have to ask someone for a lift, or wait until some opportunity presents itself. The alternative is to allow epilepsy to dictate how I live my life; sure, I might have a seizure in the middle of Menlyn Mall (and with my luck, that might just happen! But what's the alternative?

Besides that, I work in Johannesburg and used to commute between there and Pretoria; now I take the Gautrain to Park station and an Uber to drive all of 5km. I explored public transport, which was fine, except that the actual bus stops weren't safe.

What do you guys think? Could we start some sort of petition or something? change.org comes to mind (although I'm sure there's a SA equivalent).

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