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Epilepsy South Africa
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Effectiveness of AEDs

My younger sister has focal epilepsy and in order to try and understand more about epilepsy, I have made it the topic of my Grade 12 Life Science’s Research Task. Please could you answer some questions so that I can get information?

Many epileptics suffer from impairing side effects due to using usual epilepsy medication. Ideally, there should be a form of treatment that has very few side effects while still minimalizing seizures. Through advances in modern medicine and new, unconventional drugs being created; there must be an effective combination of medication or therapy that prevents seizures without affecting the epileptic. Through my research, I aim to find exactly this.

Please could you send me answers to some questions on the effectiveness of AEDs (if you have a child with epilepsy, please answer on his/her behalf?)


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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What a great thing you are doing! I wish I had taken an interest in this when I was your age. I've sent the survey link to my parents who are more on top of my sister's medication history and side effects. All I can say is that the pursuit of the perfect combination of AED's is still ongoing for my sister. Some combinations have had devastating effects, so it's more about finding the combination which has the least number of negative side effects. Good Luck! Lisa


Thank you so much, Lisa! I hope both our sisters will find the right combination of AED's that can control their seizures with few side-effects.

Best Regards


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