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Effectiveness of the Ketogenic Diet as a form of Treatment for Epilepsy

My younger sister has focal epilepsy and in order to try and understand more about epilepsy, I have made it the topic of my Grade 12 Life Science’s Research Task. Please could you answer some questions so that I can get information?

Many epileptics suffer from impairing side effects due to using usual epilepsy medication. Ideally, there should be a form of treatment that has very few side effects while still minimalizing seizures. Through advances in modern medicine and new, unconventional drugs being created; there must be an effective combination of medication or therapy that prevents seizures without affecting the epileptic. Through my research, I aim to find exactly this.

Please could you send me answers to some questions on the effectiveness of the Ketogenic Diet as a form of treatment (if you have a child with epilepsy, please answer on his/her behalf?)


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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