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Looking for epilepsy support groups in Cape Town

Dear All

I am a parent of a 2 year old boy who has recently been diagnosed with Complex Focal seizures. my wife and I would like to join a support group and meet other parents who are faced with the same situation as ours. Epilepsy South Africa Head Office in Wetton is unable to assist me in this regard as there are no functioning support groups at the moment in Cape Town

Alternatively we would like to make contact with our parents who have a child with the same  condition and would like to share our experiences with each other.

If possible could someone please assist us.

Kind regards

Nolan and Ange

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Dear Nolan and Ange

I don't know of any support groups in Cape Town. I would advise contacting Epilepsy South Africa in Lansdowne on 021 703 9420 and speak to a councillor. I know they used to run a support programme at Red Cross Childrens Hospital at one stage. They too may be able to assist you with names of parents you can contact.

Let me know if there is a problem.

regards Tim


Thanks Tim

Epilepsy SA in Lansdowne is unfortunately not able to assist us here.

We will definitely try red cross hospital.

Many thanks


Hi there

I previously directed you to Epilepsy SA - I do acknowledge that they do not offer support groups, only counselling services.

I ran a local support group, Epicare, for 26 years, which I closed in 2007, due to waning support and lack of time to run the group. Unfortunately, there was nobody, who was dedicated enough to the cause to take over and carry on running the group.

I do not know of any support groups meeting in Cape Town, but may I suggest that you join or start a Whats App or Facebook group - you can share a lot with other people through this type of platform and you may well find others in your region, who you can connect with and meet.

What I can do is take your details and I will let you know of other people in a similar predicament to you as and when I hear about them.

My contact number is 082 925 0404 or tim.devilliers@capetown.gov.za


Tim de Villiers


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