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Assistance with homes for epileptic people

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Hello, Can someone please help me with information for someone who is epileptic to go into a full time nursing/epileptic home. I am quiet capable of taking care of myself physically, however it is the loss of constant memory that is eliminating staying on own. And both parents are late to live with. My email is

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Hi Chetty, am not sure where you are based. Here in South Africa I don't know of any full time nursing homes that might or would help. Regret, can't help on this question. All the best finding one.

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Thank you so much for your reply lesmal. I am in South Africa and looking for a nursing home in Cape Town or Durban.

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Try googling Epilepsy Nursing homes or rehabilitation centres .As I have the very same problem

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Hi what about Reea in Rabdburg

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Sorry Randburg Johannesburg. Think there is one in Knysa too

Hi Chetty, I can not give you any advice on nursing/epilepsy, but would like to share some thing with you. I also have a big problem with remembering things, but I still live alone. If you had to go to a nursing/epileptic home things might only get worse. If you live alone where you still everyday have to try and remember things it will only keep your mind strong and even make it more stronger. It might now be VERY hard for you to start going on your own, but believe in yourself,be strong and things will get better. Keep a diary with you every day."That sure does help!" When I moved out from my parents it was very hard for me to remember every thing I had to do, but today I know my home and town better and therefor I today remember all the things I have to do better. Chetty, be strong and believe in yourself. Good luck. "You can do it!"

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nudnikid thank you so much for your reply. but I already have tried all you recommended. I still keep my daily diary and make notes every single day. I have empty pages of a week or so - were I was totally convinced and more so excited that I was remembering - and those pages are still standing empty with no clue at all. I'm trying this new trick of taking pics now of everything I'm seeing or anywhere I am - to come back and look at a pic to trigger the memory. I have tons of reminders on my phone for things I need to do. please don't think I'm being difficult. its just I'm trying so much. And right now I see more independence instead of being treated as an invalid is what is needed. and since my own flat is not the answer now-the closest is a nursing home. I did have my own flat and car etc, since my parents passed on. I had to give it all up. My own dads funeral doesn't even click at all. Nothing at all, not where it was, not who I was with - not a single picture - even typing this now is not bringing a single picture to mind. not even the date clicks - I have to confirm in my diary. All I remember is when I ask my sis about the funeral is her telling me it was my own dads funeral and I just sat there staring when I should have at least pretended to cry. I even had the surgery 3 years ago. And that's more disappointing. the dr still has me on the same dosage of meds prior to the surgery. so cant see the point of the surgery. and I had to question me still being on of the meds with the side effects being epilepsy if still on it for longer than the period specified and all the dr did was tear the script and give me a new one.

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Hi Chetty, sorry my advice did not help. I am really sorry to hear about your parents. I can imagine how hard it is for you now. I still have both my parents and they are still always there for me. They are even paying my internet for me. I never had the chance to drive and my parents are still every day there for me. I also really don't know what I will do when they are gone. I have also had surgery, it did go well for 3 years, but all came back. I today also have a problem with anxiety especially when I am between a lot of people. That is most probably the reason I today feel better being alone. Chetty, I really hope you will find some help.


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nudnikid thanks for your reply. I really am doing all I can-not just giving in. to the point were I proved to my dr abt him having me on meds I shouldn't be on. I have also tried all you are saying. I have my daily diary for years now. I'm even trying a new trick-where I'm taking pics of something I'm doing - and then few days later look at the pics instead of just reading my diary. I did have my own place, car, job etc,cos my parents are late -but, that I had to give up. that is why I am looking to go into a nursing home - cos right now it seems like the most independent place than living between family all the time. therefore I am not specifically asking for an epileptic nursing home or a home for invalids. I can take total care of myself physically and have an income so I will be able to cope in that way. I even worked at a large international co. and was first put of for 2 years first- they were kind enough after being diagnosed and treated - to accept my request to go back. I started in data capturing that didn't need memory. I managed very well to the point I qualified for a promotion. being grateful enough for taking me on - I declined a promotion to remain and perform my duties 100% correct. However, I did try the position was offered and things started going downhill from there. And since I've been put off work permanently and had the surgery etc. So as you can see I'm not giving up-but just sitting in my sisters home and going to the crèche next door Monday to Friday to be busy is not much accomplishment. There's a crèche next door and they are awesome - I'm not needed there - but they let me come in to keep busy. I also found the Upliftment programme and we go care clowning to the hospitals, to the seriously ill kids in wards. So I've tried lots but not just letting go. So please help me with any info. Thank you.

Hi Chetty so sorry to hear the above. I am based in KZN and on email address: should you ever wish to find a friend to chat to. I am also on Facebook and run an inspirational and motivational page for all with epilepsy: Feel free to contact me if need be.

lesmal thank you so much for your reply. I am looking for help at the moment. I am looking at going into a nursing home for epileptics or not necessarily so, but a nursing since my parents are late and as mentioned I'm not able to live on my own. by being independent I mean I do a lot of volunteer work and have my own income, that I can contribute to in a home. I'm looking at the nursing home for independence as well. I am in cape town at the moment but family from kzn. so would prefer kzn. thank you again for response.

Hello all, I am reading the above and I see I did ask for help 2 years ago. I am still in search for a residence as last year I went to Durban thinking it would be easier to find a place and do stuff. But it was so much harder to get around and do things. And it was an old age home that I ended in. Old to the point where most were into nappies already and couldn't talk. But I did voluntary work within and the owner was kind enough to arrange for me to do it at the school that was close by, for me to be active and involved in the day. I was allowed to stay for the year, so I came back to Cape Town in December. I can go up to R6000 monthly and I have my own medical aid. I would really appreciate help as soon as possible from any of you reading this.

Hi Chetty...yes its scary.U am un same position at 53...we have to make this happen ourselves.Epilepcy SA does not care as they are nin profit.Inbox me please

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Dear Saloshini, please let us know where you live so that we can connect you with an appropriate residential care facility. I seem to remember that we have connected previously and that you were living at our residential care facility in Knysna at some stage. Is this correct.

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