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Seizure Types

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Hey All, I was diagnosed with epilepsy September 2018, Controlled with Keppra & Lamogratrine, had my driving licence back for year (That’s the background story) this last month I’ve been having what I thought were panic attacks. I get this sudden fear and what feels like a rush of blood from my feet to my head and causes a partial erection, I had a neurology appointment yesterday and told him and he said they were seizures not panic attacks 😳😢 Anybody else experienced or heard this before? Thank you All

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Could be what they call auras, which always signify a seizure, sometimes I get these but am able to 'control' myself, [SOMETIMES!] In my case they are almost like an electric shock, whole body stiffens, muscles tighten, heart rate [through the roof], I have Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, I am 65 and had the condition over fifty years, but never a partial erection [that could be caused by side effects of the medication?] Never been allowed to drive in my life🥴

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Thank you for your reply, it was the partial erection that lead the neurologist to say they were seizures trying to come through, he lowered my meds back in March which I requested not to but he said I can’t be on 2 different tablets. Sorry you’ve not been able to drive, I was talking this through with a friend who also has epilepsy, I’m 44 and driven since 17 and he’s 28 and never been able to drive, we were trying to decide which was worse 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 stay well

Hello, I have recently had a worsening of my epilepsy and lost my driving licence. I am female but can relate to what you are saying as i keep getting what feels like a wave from feet to head, tension in the muscles and heat with a shock sensation in the head and I suspect are a type of myoclonic seizure. I am getting them during some nights too which keep me awake but they are less violent now I have started ethosuxemide with my epilim. I need to increase the dose again and hoping they will stop it and when that happens you definitely know its epilepsy!

That’s exactly it a wave feet to head , thank you

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I've always been on two medications, and been on keppra and Lamogratrine [lamictal] I'm on vimpat and briviact at the moment, [lamictal caused hell with my teeth😗] stay cool👍

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Actually started just on phenobarbitone back in the 70's now that is going back🙃😆

I have had very minor seizures, I feel for ya bro.

Keppra was terrible for me. It ruined me emotionally and bolted my anger and frustration.

Yeah I really struggled with Keppra at the beginning but when the lamogratrine got added things settled

I'm sorry to hear that, my daughter is on Keppra and suffers from mood swings some days are very bad, she hasn't had a seizure for four months now..

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