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Conscious seizure


I have had 2 really strange events in the last weeks and I don't know what happened. Are conscious seizures possible on both occasions I had some really bad unprovoked attacks on my husband and children it was not violent but I was so angry I said the cruellest nasty and vicious things to all of them I watched them crying but I felt nothing I was totally aware of what was happening but it was like I didn't have a filter I felt numb but they were great but I don't know why if anyone can help I take lamactil and tegratol

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Hi Sandy1

Consciousness awareness and unconsciousness awareness can take place in one person with one type of seizure disorder. Physical and verbal aggression is also a reaction in the brain during these cycles. I have been through both types of epileptic states, in and out of consciousness. Out of consciousness I would just black out, as of being conscious during a seizure I will see all that is going on but have no control over my physical or verbal state. Which also resulted in me saying things others can recall which I am unable to recall.

When having a seizure as it sounds we each have been through it is as if during the phase our brain bursts into many pieces like a taken apart jigsaw puzzle. Each piece represents parts such as verbal, awareness, visual, mood, physical, judgement etc. When these pieces are scattered around it leads to confusion as to unrecognizing what we normally do.

What you are going through sounds normal in your current state. Lamictal and Tegratol are two meds which I have been on too. My tegratol has been changed to Trileptal which has tegrarol in it along with other ingredients to help out my seizures. In addition to both medications you are currently taking they each play a part in two different parts of the brain. Which will help you manage more of what you have been experiencing. Talk this over along with any other concerns you may have to your neurologist. The earlier you take action the earlier the situation can be resolved.

Wish you the best of luck. Plus hang in there and stay strong. 😊

Thank you so much I feel so much better I'm due in the hospital on Thursday I really thought I was going mad

Yes, sorry to say, it’s possible. From my own experience, I highly recommend you get a referral from your GP to see your Neurologist as I found it was a slight increase in my tablets was what I needed. That stopped my conscious seizures. Mine were non violent but still horrid. I share your feeling- they’re more of a nightmare aren’t they, because we’re conscious. It’s like being trapped in our own bodies looking on, when we get one. I went to my Neurologist literally begging him for an increase in my tablets. I’m on

Tegretol since I was age 13.

Perhaps it is your hormones going a bit hairwire due to age or an imbalance in your blood somehow (could be sodium level or phosphate or any number of reasons but a blood test will show it). I would go to your GP, ask for a referral to the Neurologist and ask the GP for a ‘full blood check’. Also, when I hit 40yrs old my Thyroid went hairwire, so perhaps it’s that, that’s causing it for you? Ask the GP for that to be checked plus read up on Tegretol and Thyroid.

Don’t feel you’re hassling the GP- it’s the crying baby that gets attention.

I don’t want to alarm you, but from my own experience get that app to the GP made.

How this helps and you get no more horrid seizures. Pam

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That has made me feel more relieved I felt so bad I remembered everything I said but it was like nothing was filtered I'm in the hospital on Thursday so thank you again

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You’re welcome, glad I put you at ease. That’s great you’re in the hospital on Thursday.

All the best- a fellow comrade! Pam.

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