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Had a operation now suffering with insomnia

Hi all,

I had a lung operation back in October and since I came home in November I've been having problems sleeping how this started was the pain keeping me up at night but now where I'm so tired and falling asleep in the daytime I can't sleep at night but I'm still tierd I've tried going to bed early but nothing tomorrow i have an appointment with the lung dr and I'm so tired I'm going to have to tell him that I haven't slept well since November and is there any sleeping pills for an epileptic he could give me as I've always been told no to sleeping pills but last time I didn't sleep for 5 weeks ( I wasn't eating either) I was told if I didn't start sleeping and eating when I did the dr would have sent me to the hospital. I think I need something to help me get back my sleep pattern to night and stop the day but I'm worried about my health with the lack of sleep could my fits go up but if I have pills could that cause fits as my mum gave me night alls once and thay made me fit.

Any help I'm really in need of sleep thanks.

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Hi Wintersbite

Not getting sleep can make everything feel really difficult. You certainly have to be careful about sleeping tablets if you are also taking epilepsy medicine. It may be that the doctor can suggest something else to help.

Lack of food and lack of sleep are both very common seizure triggers. The better you are able to look after yourself the more likely you are to be able to get your seizures under control.

NHS Choices has good information about sleep: nhs.uk/LiveWell/sleep/Pages...

Epilepsy Action has more information about possible seizure triggers and about wellbeing: epilepsy.org.uk/info/triggers



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