Pip and epilepsy

I have just been given my pip decision and I find it strange, the have acknowledge that I have epilepsy and my meds control it but thay have dismissed the fact that I need supervision as I don't have warnings of fits and some of the day to day things I can't do are more for epilepsy and the dangers of it than my other health issues.

I was asked it i can walk a distance but I wasn't asked if I am safe to walk that distance at night with the chance of flashing lights going pass which happens on a daily basis where I live and if that happens what do I do or what could happen to me?

I actually felt that thay ignored the dangers of every day life of people living with conditions like epilepsy as the meds are working but not being funny that's great as if the meds or diets didn't work where would we be horrible thought.

Anyone else had this type of answer from pip and do you feel like pip isn't taking your safety into account?

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  • Yes they deniedd me after a home visit.

    I rely on my wife etc for transport dangers of cooking; kids being looked after and just anything that related to me being alone.

    I said bathing was an issue as i have tonic clonic seizures . I travel to london . So dangers are being overlooked for people with epilepsy.

    I was told by someone that pip was advisable and shouldnt be a problem as this is a disability and should be entitled to belp.

    I felt that if i was not working and my wife was not working we probably would have received some sort of help.

    My memory is also bad which is epilepsy related but after a quick 5 min test they thought no he is fine.

    Totally misunderstood and feel cheated compared to what they hand out to these work dodgers

    Maybe answreing the questions honestly was not the way forward.

    Pip was to give you personal independance and day to day living with epilepsy is hard. Not that i have seizures frequently but it still makes me reliant on other people which i hate.

    I cant drive . I get no help with travel. My job has been effected and been demoted to a lesser position which is another story.

    My wife has been at the point of breakdown because we have two young children and she has to ferry them about.

    I get down that i cant help but hey according to the pip scoring im perfectly able

  • Sounds like the same reply i got from them.

    I called the DWP after receiving my decision as what they awarded me does not even equal what someone getting jobseekers allowance would receive.

    I have uncontrolled epilepsy and i cant work or drive and my partner has had to give up work to be a full time carer for me.

    I get admitted to hospital numerous times per year and kept in for anything up to 10 days after a seizure.

    But this does not seem to matter to the DWP as i am not in hospital over 50% of the time.

    Even what doctors and consultants say and organize are totally overlooked by the state and does not even count.

    I can understand your situation completely.

  • I know what you mean as I'm also a cancer patient who has only just started to have good test results and am now going through the 5 years remission and that wasn't even mentioned even though the genetic team are involved and have said that it's not a matter of if but when will I get it back as someone my age and a woman don't get colon cancer unless it's in the gens basically saying I'm only going to get worse as I get older.

  • Go to citizens advice with this and put in a mandatory consideration letter straight away.they like to see what they can get away with.Keep fighting until you get what is rightfully yours

  • "mandatory NO-consideration", been there and done that and it does not change a thing. They will reply with exactly the same decision and you will need to escalate this to a tribunal.

  • I have heard alot of people with other health issues go to tribunal and says that is the only place where you get a fair trial and alot of them get the unjust thay suffer over turned and justice is done for them but the stress and worry of getting there is too much to handle.

  • Yes and when you are "ILL", stress is the last thing you need on top of everything else. The system is really unfair and rather than all the nonsense of these pointless assessments people need to attend, they could by default just contact your doctor or consultant and get a written report and save the state a lot of time and money in the process.

  • I like you and your absolutely right but in the eyes of dwp if it doesn't kill us then we must be fit for work and a letter is just too easy also we could have our Dr's wrapped around our little finger but in the real world that's not the case at all. I don't know about you but I respect my Dr and I got his respect by what I said when we first met and that was " no offence but given you job except for medication I hope I don't have to see you again soon as that shows that you are very good at your job " that made him laugh and he said thank you and since my cancer treatment I don't see him much and that's how it should be I inform him of important stuff like if I have had a fit or if something is bothering me but I'm not sure if it's a big deal or not otherwise just meds.

  • It's good if you have a doctor or consultant that you can have a good rapport with. I have seen a few doctors and a lot of consultants over the past 10years and there are only 2 that stood out and made me feel like they actually wanted to help and tried everything they could to help me and also made light hearted jokes about things. Always a good thing when you have a doctor that can make the best of a bad situation :)

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