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Does anyone have rectal pain?

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Hi ladies,

sorry for tmi from the start!

Does anyone get rectal pain? If so what was found to be the cause?

I had rectal pain and pain on passing stools before being diagnosed with endo that initially started off with sharp shooting pains and gradually built up to immense pressure like i was sitting on something fist size.

I was diagnosed with endo in pouch of douglas in jan and had ablation.

I had immediate relief from rectal pain which lasted abt a month, then built up for two weeks before i started 6 months of zoladex.

The zoladex really helped, had occasional bad rectal pain, but not as bad as before. However my sixth injection didnt seem to work and rectal pain has really built up, even waking me at night.

During this i saw my endo specialist consultant who said he suspected i had adeno.

I wasnt entirely convinced and wanted to get everything ruled out, so asked for scope which got told there was no point.

Went back to gp who has diagnosed fissures (tares) and that i have a tight anus (sorry :/)

I asked what would cause it and she said it may have always been like that. After I thought about it and know it hasnt and now worrying i have endo growing there.

I have to try two creams for two months and if they dont work she will refer me to a surgeon.

For the past five days my stomach has been massive. I have been really bloated before but this is another level.

I dont know what to do, any advice? Am fed up looking six months pregnant and everyone commenting.

Im already on endo diet and have just started depo.

Any help would be great, thank youxxx

11 Replies
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Hi hope you're as well as you can be!

I get the exact same pain you are describing and the bloating! I have also been given anaesthetic creams when its been particularly bad. Mine hasn't been linked to my endo and instead been diagnosed with IBS. I get constipated and then loose and it goes on like that in a cycle really. I have also had endo in POD in the past so it sounds like mine may also related to endo. I haven't really got any advice as I haven't found anything that gives me relief from it and GP hasnt been very helpful I just wanted to say you are not alone and I feel exactly the same way! I'll be keeping an eye on your post and hopefully we'll both get some advice!

Jill :)

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Kdouble in reply to JillianoB

Ok I know this thread is 4 years old but it resonates deeply with me right now lol

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Hi ladies. I had recto pain long before my endo diagnosis. I always linked that pain with my IBS too. I have been wondering whether my bladder issues, IBS and endo are all linked. Xx

Hope you are feeling as well as possible. Xx

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I have rectal pain when passing every stool. Can be minor or severe just depends.

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I do too, sharp, and shooting pains, have to sit at an angle sometimes for comfort. Find painful to pass motions. Have been told IBS like the rest of us and am currently taking Mebeverine, supposed to be 3 times a day, 20mins before a meal but find I can't eat more than once a day, it has helped but I do find it worse around ovulation and during my period.


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I had the same kind of rectal pain you're describing. Felt like a red hot poker was going up my bum. Turned out to be endo in my bowels (as well as everywhere else). I had to have surgery done by a gynaecologist and a colorectal surgeon. He took out a portion of my colon and rectum. Ended up with an ileostomy for a couple of months which was reversed. My case is very rare and extreme but it could be that you have endo in your bowels. Keep pushing the doctors to refer you to a colorectal specialist. With endo, because we look normal on the outside we are never taken seriously. Don't give up, keep going back to the doctors, get your GP to refer you to a specialist.....I really wish you all the best. In the meantime let your GP prescribe some pain medication to help you while you wait.

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I had a colonoscopy last month after ten years of mucus, bleeding etc.

They found that the endo hasn't penetrated into my bowel at all. The colorectal surgeon said that a section of my bowel has gone hard from all the adhesions on the outside of it. The bowel is supposed to be a floppy, soft tube. But because of the adhesions on the outside of it (which he called nodulization) a whole section has gone hard and so all waste irritates it there. Hence the pains, mucus and bleeding.

The only thing that helps with me is changing my diet. Its no cure, but it has helped. I do wheat free, dairy free, no ready meals or anything highly processed, just mainly whole foods.

Gwynyth Paltrow wrote a WF DF recipe book called "Its All Good" and I use that alongside the Abel and Cole vegetable cook book.

Tea Cosey x

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My surgeon said it was due to a collapsed intestine because the chocolate cist was pressed up against it. I was having severe rectal pain when I had a BM or passed gas. Especially if my cycle came on. I have stage four endometriosis and now two years after the surgery I'm back with the same pain

in reply to irwilliams

Hi, I know this is an old thread... I have exactly this and was researching if anyone else has cyclical rectal shooting pains on passing gas! I have bladder endo and waiting for my lap (and worried they will see bowel and rectal endo too)!

Hope you are feeling better now

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Depo will cause you more problems long term. Try endovan. So many people have had miraculous results. Mines coming soon in the mail :) prayers and hugs!! Beks

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Hi all, just reconnected on here after years off...lots happened since & symptoms continued but im now being investigated for endo of my uteral sacral ligament. Give it a runs close to pouch of douglas and has connections with bowel and bladder plus has a nerve that runs over the top of it. Lots of it is making sense. Am

Hoping infinally get some answers soonx

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