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Are there stronger NSAIDs than Diclofenac? Does anyone give me good pain relief advice, please?


Hi I am getting pain which can't get rid of Diclofenac. I have been taking Naproxen regularly and still getting pain so I level up to Diclofenac but still getting severe pain. Diclofenac is the strongest NSADs I got from GP.

I have codiene based tablet, co-codamol, solpadol and Tramadol. But co-codamol doesn't touch the pain, solpadol make me feel sick and Tramadol (slow-release) spaced me out and really nauseous (even with anti-nauseous tablet).

I take Buscopan and use TENS machine with NSAIDs but still getting ridiculous pain. Currently I got hot cushion. (Magnesium oil spray is on order and should be coming very soon). I had Magnesium salt bath but I still getting pain:(

Does TENS machine needs level up sometime? I got a Lloys pharmacy period pain relief one and it is on Max setting and I have the pad all day and using when the pain comes. (I used to keep twice a day rule at the beginning...)

I have an experience that Morphine didn't work at the recovery room so I am not sure whether it is for me or not.

I will have an appointment at the hospital to push the lap but it will be a good few months to get actual date so I need something. I will still have painful days left this month so please someone give me some advice...



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I find diclifenac work best for me in suppository form. I have 50mg and 100mg depending on my pain levels.

Diclifenac tablets didn't work but the suppositories definitely do.


shukudai in reply to Hidden

Hi barbara

Thank you for your reply. How are you?

Does suppositories have any side effect you don't get from the tablets? Do you use it regularly to keep the drug level topped up or does it work relatively quickly? I am not sure if I can use it once the pain start I can't barely move. Sorry so many questions.

Take care


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Good morning.

I do not seem to get any side effects from them, I can have a maximum of 150mg over 24 hours. The suppositories slowly "melt" and so give of slowly realised medication.

I also use codeine with diclofenac but you can not use another NSAID like


For me the best pain relief is a hot water bottle and my tens machine!

I hope you are feeling better today x

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Are you OK today?

I feel better today. I usually have a better day just before my period comes. My period pain is usually less painful than endo pain so I hope I got over this month. I usually manage my period pain with normal Diclofenac.

Next time I see my GP I will ask for suppositories. Is it easy to use? I've never done suppositories for myself. I did it for my son when he was baby though.

Take care.


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Good morning.

I'm struggling at the moment with pain and struggling to have a wee.... No fun !

How are you feeling!

Yes I find them easy to out in. I use some ky jelly or Vaseline to lubticate the supposity.

Best of luck x

shukudai in reply to Hidden

im sorry to hear that you are struggling. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.


Hi Shukudai,

Sorry to hear that you can't find anything to work for the pain. I'm afraid I don't know much about all the various pain meds but thinking of you and sending you hugs. xx

shukudai in reply to Brownlow

Hi Brownlow

Thanks for your hug! I needed them yesterday. I am a bit better now.

I missed the delivery this morning as I was out for work so I couldn't get my Magunesium spray. Hopefully, I will be able to go and collect it tomorrow in time for my period pain!

I hope you are all right. Take care


Hi have you tried mefanamic acid instead of diclofenac and naproxen (you can only take one of them as all the same drug type). They work so much better for me they are anti inflammatory aimed to work on period type pain.

Its important when you are having non steroidal drugs like these to always eat with them as they cause gastric irritation and can lead to ulcers. You can ask your gp to prescribe omeprazole which will protect against this.

Also remember to take paracetamol regularly as with all pain meds they have to be taken regularly to keep the levels up in your blood.

Go back to your gp explain everything you said snd see what they can offer.

Instead of co-codamol ask for codeine phosphate = a stronger dose of codeine.

You can keep your tens machine on all day.

Lots of warm baths too and try a heated beanbag as they are longer than the cushions and mould around your tummy more.

Good luck, dont settle for being in pain, there are lots of things that can be donexxx

shukudai in reply to Lillil

Hi Lillil

Thank you for your reply. I did try mefanamic acid before Diclofenac. Unfortunately it didn't do very much for me and made me sick.

Yes I take NSAIDs with food and I take Lansoprazol for my stomach protection as my GP strongly told me as I need to do so. He told me to start a strong dose of Naproxen when the small pain starts as the NSAIDs takes time to start working. So he recommended me to take 4 Naproxen tablets a day(1mg) for a couple of days at the beginning and then reduce to 3 tablets. This month there weren't much warning and by day 2 I was in agoney. I might change to start with Diclofenac next month. (My pain starts 10 days before the period is due)

Do you mind which TENS machine you use? I think I am getting used to mine.

Last time I went for stronger painkiller, all they could give me was Tramadol which I can't take on a work day as it space me out. I need to have painkiller to be able to go to work.

I will ask my GP about codeine phosphate. Thank you.

Take care


PS yes I am getting settling for being in pain. Sometime I give up everything and just in pain. Being in pain is getting normal which is totally wrong, isn't it?

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I thought you may have tried those things but was worth checking!

Sorry i couldnt be more helpful.

The non steroidal drugs they reccommend taking 3 days before pain starts so they are in your system.

My tens is a bodyclock profile. Its a bit expensive, i got it as a present but has been totally worth it. Mine has 4 paddles so i put two at front of me and two at back. It can change how strong current is and how wide across body it goes.

I know its so hard and I know what you mean anout tramadol, i had to stop working whilst i took it but codeine i can work with. You can take up to 60mg 4 times a day but strangely if you take a little less so i only take 30mg at a time you get less side effects like nausea etc then you can top up when you need to. Tramadok spaces me out too and just makes me not care rather than help with pain.

You are not alone. Good luckx

Hi, I've just been given Amitriptyline my my gp today to try and help with my pain. I'll let you know if it works I'm really hoping so as nothing else has worked for me so far so fingers crossed!!

Hi whisperenergy

I have tried Amitriptyline too. Sorry I couldn't list all the tablets I have tried. It gave me rapid heart rate to me and very drowsy so couldn't continue. I started with a smallest dose and I even half the tablet by knife!

I wish I could continue with it as I got rid of my migraines which was very good! I hope it works for you as it should take pain away. I will fingers crossed for you too. Let me know if it works for you.

Take care


Is the amitriptyline just for night time or thru the day too.

My gp warned me that the amitriptyline cld make me very drowsy so to just take it at night time to start with. I found that codeine helped to take the edge off the pain but I felt really spaced out on it and didn't feel safe driving to work on it so had to stop. I do find it fascinating how the one drug can be fantastic for one person but absolutely awful for another. It is a shame that there is not some kind of test the docs can do to say which one is going to work best for you so you don't have to go through months/years of trial and error! Ah well, we just have to keep trying that is the main thing I guess even when sometimes all you want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world.

I really hope you find something that helps you. You get so used to being in pain that you begin to just accept it, and that's not right. So keep hassling your gp to give you other things to try :-)) Wishing you a peaceful sleep tonight xx

Yes it gave me a good sleep in the night, it was a bit too much. I drive to work too and it was really unsafe.

I hope you get a good result from it.

Good night


Hi gemz835, gp said to take the amitriptyline at nite time for a few days and if I coped well with it but didnt notice any difference in pain levels to take it though the day too. She said it can make you drowsy but that your body gets used to it after a week or so and then you won't feel so drowsy anymore. But I think if I have to take it during the day I'll do it at a weekend and make sure I don't have to drive anywhere that day just in case!!

I find this all very interesting reading. Diclofenac was the only pain killer that even touched my pain but about a year and a half ago the doctor would not prescribe it any more and put me on naproxen which is a waste of time.

This link may prove interesting to some

shukudai in reply to foosey

hi foosey

thanks for the link. my gp never told me about the risk of a heart attack with diclofenac.

diclofenac is better than naproxen for me too. I feel bad to take it now.

Hi your tens machine looks cool. Iccan't afford it but i may need a new one...

take care


I'm sorry to hear you are going through so much pain and hope you'll get a date for your lapsroscopy soon.

I am struggling a lot with pain at the moment too and none of the painkillers work.My gynae prescribed me diclofenac today. I have taken it in the past and it's the only thing that works a bit for me apart from Tramadol ( which makes me spaced out). The doctor suggested taking Diclofenac in supposories form as they seem to be more effective but I am really bad with supposories so trying with tablets. Maybe try the suppositories?

I hope the pain eases off xx

If you've tried all this, I'll say check your diet.

I have the same issue. No drug helps.

I get sicker or bleed was scary.

I then stopped taking milk , sugar , meat and fried foods.

It was hard i won't lie. Sometimes i slip up but it was so much better. I still got pain but warm baths, tramadol and diaclofinac suppositories were enough to put me to sleep. I use wellwoman vitamins too And sitting on the tiolet helps a lot.

Lol i can sit there for hours. Drink lots of warm ginger tea. I mean a lot.

I hope it helps.

You can text me though 😊

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