Pregnant?!! So excited...and scared!

I've been trying to get pregnant for about nine months now with fertility medications and was told in early February that it was time to move from taking pills to injections with insemination, which would be about $2000 per cycle. And even with the high price of the injection alone, they wouldn't inseminate if there were too many eggs. Too risky even though the doctor told me I had a concerningly low number of eggs for a 27-year old.

Well, not able to afford the injections, I did not take any fertility medicine after this point, having my last period February 28th (don't have them without the meds since I don't usually ovulate on my own). When I went in to the health clinic for something else on April 3, I asked the doctor to do a quick pregnancy test just to make sure since I was planning on going to a winery the next day for my birthday. It, not surprisingly, came back negative.

I went to the doctor on Monday for a yeast infection. The doctor ended up wanting to run a pregnancy test and shockingly I got a call an hour later telling me it was possible! Maybe what people say about it happening once you stop stressing about it--or in this case give up all hope--is true, but beyond the obvious of not taking the fertility medicine, this is a complete surprise given that my endo pain--particularly my pelvic pain (which is often somewhat less than my back pain) has been worse for the last few weeks. I've read a lot about women with endo having pain in the first eight weeks online in the last few days, but this shocks me because every doctor I've ever seen basically declared pregnancy an instant-feel better "cure." Of course, this isn't why I want to have a baby, but feeling worse rather than better is surprising. (The morning sickness that has just started and lasts all day is not surprising.) However, I am beyond myself with happiness...and incredible terror. I know most women probably feel this, at least until they get through the first trimester, but I think it's worse when you spend so much time thinking that, due to the disease, you won't be able to get pregnant, confirmed when you have to take fertility meds (that don't turn out to work for you). I'm going in tomorrow for my first ultrasound. It's unclear how pregnant I am given the earlier negative test but my HCG levels say around 5-6 weeks, which may be too early to see much of anything. It would be seven weeks if dated from the day of my last period but without normal ovulation, that's unlikely. Will update tomorrow but wanted to share my good news with you all.

Sorry to be so long-winded! My husband is nervous about telling anyone (I've only told my parents so far) until 12 weeks and I'm dying to share my excitement. I know you all know how much this means to a woman with endometriosis and/or fertility issues too.

Thanks for your support!

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So happy for you ! I think it is recommended to wait twelve weeks before telling people .

The first weeks the pain can be quite bad , sickness you can buy those wrist bracelet to help you . Rest as much as you can because you will feel exhausted as first . Every pregnancy is different .I managed to have three kids and I am very grateful for them .

Keep in touch .xx


I'm so happy for you! You must be over the moon. :) Have a good rest, and everything will be ok. Positive thinking is necessary, you did the almost impossible and unexpected and you deserve every happiness now.

I've just started ttc with hubby and your story gives me so much hope.

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. :)

Jo xx

Thanks and best of luck to you!!!

I am so happy for you, rest up and relax.

I wish you all the luck in the world.


congrats for you and your husband...and i hope all gos ok with scan.....xxxx

congrats for you and your husband...and i hope all gos ok with scan.....xxxx

congrats to you and your husband...i hope all goes well with


Thanks everyone! It looks like I'm a little earlier than I thought, more likely 5 weeks than 6. I will be going back to the doctor on the 29th for a second scan and we should be able to see the heartbeat flutter then. Apparently once you've seen that, your chance of miscarriage drops to 5%, so we'll be waiting until then to tell anyone but our parents. Appreciate the support and encouragement and any prayers!

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