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Advice on Fentanyl patches?

Hi Ladies,

I have been on fentanyl 25mg since November 2012. For some time I have felt they are not being as effective as when I first started them. (I certainly don't want to increase dose as I am hopefully having surgery in 6wks, and I know I'll have to wean myself off!) I find 24hrs before I need to change my patch I have withdrawal symptoms and pain becomes worse.

My query really is, is it possible to change patch earlier than the 3days (obviously with Drs advice) and change it every 48hrs?

Does anybody else have this problem? any advice kindly received - thank you. xx

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do not change the patch more then 3 days ever!!! speak to your pharmacist they are the best qualified person to speak to about your drugs.

have you tried regular paracetamol to reduce your opiate needs?


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