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Prostap injections again.......help

Hi I hope everyone's the as well as can be. I went back to see my consultant and hes put me straight back on prostap injections with only having a 2 month break as my pains came back straight away. The only bad part Iis the side effects when I was on them last time my face was constantly shiny due to hot flushes and I tried everything I could think off to stop it changing my make up expensives creams and moisturisrs but nothing worked. Does anybody have any tips to help the hot flushes I dont want ashiny face :( x

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I didn't find anything to help with the flushes, but the shiny face thing: those nasty green hand towels in the works toilet! I just blotted my face with them every few hours. I did buy those proper anti-shine papers from boots, but got through a pack in a few days and it would have been very expensive! Good luck with prostap 2! I would love to go back on it, best thing I have had!x

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Acupuncture is wonderful for moving heat out of the body. I know one lady who went from 10 to 20 flushes a day to 1 or 2 maximum. I have it for my endo and it really helps as long as I time it right. I always have hot top half and freezing feet and it moves the heat out of my face and warms my toes up! Good luck. X


I use the facial wipes-the sensitive variety. They make my skin feel refreshed and hopefully the fragrance free ones arent doing too much damage! But I think you may end up reapplying your make up if you use those Katrina?

Thanks for the tip on green paper towels Cloudyrain, we have them at work so I may give them a quick try :)

Margo45-I havent tried acupuncure but ti sounds to help with a variety of ailments and symptoms?


I've Found After Having 3 Prostap Injections, Hot Flushes Don't Happen That Much As I Take Hrt & I Have Heard Dark Chocolate Is Good, Not Tried Any Yet But I'm Going To Keep A Few Cheap Bars In My Bag. I Take A Bottle Of Diluted Drink In My Bag Too When I'm Out That Helps & Moisterizers By St Ives (Non Greasy)

Hope This Helps :o)


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