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pre op questions?

Whoop whoop finally have written confirmation that my hysterectomy will indeed be May 15th.Along with this is the Pre op date when i have the opportunity to ask questions. Have any of you lovely ladies got any valuable advice as to what i should be asking? Im a good one for preparing them and then forgetting them!! I even write them down and forget to take them out!!! Any helpful ,even obvious will be greatfully received. Hugs J XX

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Your pre-op is more of an assessment to make sure you're fit for surgery and if there's anything they need to do in addition to the average person, ie mobility needs, diabetes etc.

You need to be looking at specific questions to do with the actual day, like where do you go, what are the times for stopping eating food and then clear fluids,if your hospital is up to date these times will not be the same (please do not eat chewingum or mints, these are classed as foods). What things to bring with you, what is the expected duration of stay so you can plan for this, do they know if you will be done am or pm this will give you a good idea as to how long you have to wait (take a book :) ). If anything you ask they cannot answer make sure to write it down for your consultant on op day, it will all disappear with the nerves.

I hope it goes well, I'm 6 weeks post op for a laparoscopic guided vaginal hysterectomy and doing ok apart from sweating buckets and still in pain but that is getting better. Just make sure it's definitely what you want and need, it will not cure endometriosis but it should help eliminate symptoms caused by periods. I had hardly any implants after last prostap treatment but periods were worse than ever, this was probably complicated by the fact I'm a fibromyalgia sufferer as well.

If you have any questions just ask, if I can help I will.


Thank you for that. It's a bit more than a hysterectomy. I've been referred to Soutjampton under the specialist there. I have a whole morning booked out for me. They will also be freeing my uteter from an endo nodule on my rectum and also that aswell. I'm sure he mentioned that they will remove any signs of endo and have a good look around. I have upper left abdo pains also GP thinks its related. So I need to stress that he looks there. Good advice re op day to write them dow and have ready. I think at stage 4 I'm ready for this. Hopefully I will be ok I'm not expecting miracles and I'm aware it might come back if I'm unlucky.im 43 and this last 4 weeks has aged me 10 years its got to be my option. That's or repeated surgeries more often. Two years ,2 laps and I was go smacked at what the endo had done inside me I'm going to beat her. Haha hope you continue to recover well and thanks again for advice xxxj


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