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Can you have a transvaginal scan when your on your period?

Finally got my first consultation today at the IVF clinic. They say I have to have a transvaginal scan on arrival but typically I've come on my period. And to top things off of course with that comes the agony of the Endo! Really need to get some answers today about how the Endo is going to effect my chances of having IVF / the IVF working. Obviously without the scan we won't be able to get the full picture or start planning treatment. Does anyone know if they will still scan despite being on?

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I had it several times while on period, they dont mind so dont worry!

I wish you best of luck in the IVF process and soon to be a mum-to-be!!! ;) xxx


Thanks jojo that's a relief. Hope your well xxx


I've had a few whilst on my period, just don't use a tampon! :D

Good luck x


yes they don't take any notice, luckily, as i bleed continuously, just be prepared take some wet wipes etc with you so you can clean up if you need to lol - good luck xx


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