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Endo on the bowel??? docs thinks it may be? a little bit scared now!

HIya, I was diagnosed with endo 3 years ago now and also have a lot of scar tissue from a c-section 4 years ago and the endo.........I had to go out hour docs last night as was in severe pain and a lot more blood than normal....... doc now thinks the endo has spread to my bowel as well as being on my shoulder and right ovary and tube luckily my left seems to be untouched, I am due to see the surgeon again in may and hopefully be booked in to have the right ovary and tube removed but i am a little scared now after being told it may be on the bowel, i have done some investigating and it can be quite complicated......does anyone else have this or have had treatment?? any advice would be great! I am lucky enough to have a four year old son and being in agony all the time means I cant do what i need to do with him and he is now starting to notice....

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Hi Jayden

Mine is on my bowel, too. At the moment for me this 'just' means that anything bowel related cause endo pain, and I never know what's going to happen when I go to the loo!

Often the best way to treat endo is to leave well alone. It sounds as if your doctor is well on top of things and obviously he'll/she'll be the best person to advise you, but I'm betting it won't be half as scary as the internet makes it sound.

Good luck

C x


Please can I ask how you know you have it in your shoulder, it's an area I've wondered about myself.

Hope you feel better soon xxx


Not 100% but was told by my previous consultant that it is very likely due to the pain but has also said it is possibility of referred pain, like you would get with an ectopic! He said he would leave it alone as not guarenteed but if gets worse would need to go back.


Thank you chrissie feeling a little bit better now :) hope you well! X


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