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Anyone fancy a cuppa?

Hi to all you lovely ladies,

I am getting a bit bored of being cooped up in the house now and I need something new to do. I was wondering if anyone lives in Stafford and if you do would you like to meet up and go for drinks?

I am 17 and ladies older than me probably think I am immature or too young to talk to but I am quite mature and loyal. I just need someone who understands what I'm going through and doesn't mind if we have to stop walking every few minutes.

Let me know anyone and if you do want to meet up then feel free to contact me through pm.


Leya :) x

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aw huni i know how you feel and would love the same thing just wish i lived near you i hope someone dose and you get to get out! and you arnt immature or to young to talk to you have the pain and the same things all us ladies on hear have so you understand and thats the biggest problem we all have i hope someone dose live near you.

take care and tummy love for you

p.s. i need to stop every few minutes or hobble really sow to ;)

nicki xxx


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