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Endo bleeding and exercise has this happened to you?


I have changed my exercise routine and since last week I have been training hard, on Sat I did two classes back to back and felt fine but on Sunday I started to have awful cramps and I was bleeding. It's still here and I don't feel good. I am on cileste four packets on then a break which I am in the middle of. I have never experienced this before, is this endo? It's fresh not old blood, I'm worried as tonight I feel terrible :(

Thanks guys


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U no..it might sound odd but...ive had a period be brought on by exercising once before! It could just be that u over worked ur body too much even tho u felt fine on the day, I can't do any exercise any more but wen I do I tend to spot xx


Contrary to popular myth, not all exercise is good for you, especially if you have a 'bleeding' illness like endo is.

e.g I wouldn't advice a Haemophilliac to take up boxing,

so I would not be encouraging anyone with endo to overdo any form of exercise, whether that's hard core training for sports, straining to have a bowel movement, moving heavy furniture, overdoing the sexual activity and just about anything that can aggravate the diseased areas of your tummy and cause them injury or strain which causes bleeding which causes adhesions to grow which can then get damaged and cause even more adhesions in the future.

Gentle exercise to keep the circulation going is recommended but never to the point where you hurt yourself and give the endo a chance to rebel against you.


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