Young and Endo

I am 25years old and have for the past few years have dealt with some very unexplained pain during intercourse. Had a lot of tests and nothing came of it. Last year I faced my first ever painful period and by painful I mean excruciating. I never linked the 2 together until I had a very bad turn and passed out at work on the first day of my period and was took to a&e. It was at this point I knew something wasn't right. So after a lot of research I came across endometriosis. I have had numerous gp appointments and have seen 2 local gyno's. Both which gave me unhappy answers said I was too young to have surgery and that it would eventually come back with my age. But Iv researched it and it doesn't "come back" it means they never got it all the first time. So eventually I have been referred to the RVI specialist unit and am waiting an appointment. I read a lot of women are not getting diagnosed for years and I am going to push as much as I can to make sure I am not one of those unfortunate people. It is ruining my life and I feel it's best to get it sorted while I am still young!

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  • I was diagnosed with IBS for a long time until they scan me for cysts and then it was very obvious - so don't give up and get scanned ASAP before it's too late and affect you in more than one way

  • good for you for pushing for the answers, keep us upto date with your story.

    sending hugs


  • You ARE NOT too young to have surgery! I'm 21 and having my surgery on the 28th of this month! Keep pushing them hunny. Xxx

  • I went to the doctors at 18 had every scan and test imaginable, my only symptom was pain during intercourse, and they decided to refer me for a lap at 19 but had it just past my 20th birthday, you are definately not too young for surgery, i did in fact have Endo which they excised, they were convinced I didn't have it due to no other symptoms. definately persist x

  • I too am waiting on a hospital appt at the rvi. Do you know how long the wait is at all?

    Thanks X

  • My doc told me it can take upto 4 weeks to get an appointment through the post. Xx

  • Ah well. Should get something through this week then. 4 weeks this Wed since my GP referred me.

    Hope you hear soon too X

  • I'm not sure if we're meant to mention specific teams on this forum so I don't want to go into details of my experience, but if either of you want to send me a message, I've just had my surgery with the RVI :)

  • I started with bad pain from 13, no one ever took me seriously, had a lap at 21 and they have found endo. So you arent too young at all. Keep pushing eventually you will be taken seriously it just takes one good doctor.

  • I had bad periods from about 13 (started periods at 11) and this continued with doctors at the time saying it was 'normal' etc. etc.; however, you need to have a specialist diagnose you with endo (if that's the cause as there are other gynae conditions which may be causing similar symptoms). Laparoscopies are the best way to diagnose so if they're not giving you 'surgery' how do they know. You need to find a specialist centre rather than normal GPs and doctors.

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