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39, trying to conceive for 5 years, but don't want another lap! what else can I try?

have been trying to conceive for 5 years, about 18 months ago had a lap, found endometriomas in both ovaries, & elsewhere. had it zapped but they also spotted fibroids at same time so all on hold until had myomectomy & fibroids removed 6 months later. 3 months recovery then went for iVF scan- guess what, endometriomas back in both ovaries & now hydrosaplinx in 1 tube too!

Decided to try mild IVF (less drugs) but have now abandoned 3 cycles as follicles just stop growing. Last cycle had 1 good follicle in left ovary but they cant get to it as great big endometrioma in the way.... so frustrating!!!

Went to see GP yesterday & she thinks I am "faffing about", should just get on with another lap, zap all endo, have my tubes removed & get on with full scale IVF. Easy for her to say, not so easy to just do, especially when I have a full-time quite high-stress job (which I also enjoy & don't want to give up!).

so what next? I have tried acupuncture & even a bit of chinese herbs, but it didn't seem right for me, and just worried me. I don't have a lot of pain from the endo (touch wood!) but its certainly stopping me conceiving, any thoughts or ideas??

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Your experience sounds quite similar to mine in some respects. I am 39, endo discovered 2 years ago during lap (it was all around ovaries, attaching to bowel, and in vagina, and had it zapped, like you). Have also suffered from fibroids (removed 2 years ago and again 3 months ago). Have now done 3 cycles of IVF, and have just done FET (currently in very early stages of pregnancy).

My first 2 cycles of (standard) IVF were the "long protocol". First went reasonably (1 good blasto) and became pregnant but then early miscarriage at 7 weeks), second produced fewer eggs and test result was negative. We then switched to a more aggressive antagonist cycle and got much better results (7 blastos, which we had to freeze, because they had to remove another fibroid).

I'm no expert, but my own experience has been that doing the antagonist protocol produced the best result for me in terms of numbers of eggs and embryo quality. (We nearly gave up before this, after the second cycle). I think (like many people of my age) my ovaries are fairly sluggish and the long protocol didn't stimulate them enough.

In terms of the lap etc, I know it's a nasty operation, but perhaps it will be worth clearing the endo from your ovaries and trying a different form of IVF (eg antagonist) - if this is considered safe for you.

This journey is so hard. You might also want to check out the 'Infertility network uk' forum (which you can also access via healthunlocked) as there are several people there who are sharing their experiences of IVF, and talking about mind/body links, etc. .



I dont have experience in IVF etc, but I do know that when they find hydrosaplinx the best thing to do is unfortunately remove the affected fallopian tube(s). The IVF will be much more successful and there will be no risk of ectopic pregnancy too.

Best of luck xxx


I didn't have a problem with fertility, only excruciating pain all the time but I do have a very good friend who had 6 miscarriages trying to carry her 2nd child. She tried nutritional therapy (adding the vital nutrients her body needed) and also a weightloss plan (natural diet) now she has given birth to a little boy. There are a few nutrients that specifically help with fertility:

Molybdenum maintains fertility, get it in dark green vegetables, rice, wheat, beans, lentils and yeast as well as in liver and kidneys if you can eat them.

Selenium can increase the sperm count in men, seafood, liver & kidney I(again), tuna, onions, tomatoes, garlic and brown rice are great sources. Most soils around the world are selenium depleted so you may wish to get it in supplement form.

Zinc is another fertility mineral and is often prescribed if fertility levels are low. 90% of women do not get their recommended daily intake of Zinc. Seafood and liver is high in Zinc, you can also look to ensure eggs, cashews and spinach are in your diet.

Vitamin B2 aids growth and reproduction and should be taken along with the other B vitamins in a complex formula. Liver and Kidney along with green vegetables rate highly as sources of B2.

Hope this helps.



- especially when I have a full-time quite high-stress job - u said .....

That also doesn't help )))

Anyway ? Why no one consider spiritual healing at all !

So many fact out there - Dr. Eben Alexander's near-death experience is the most remarkable I have ever heard. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife - fantastic book

another - To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story Mary C. Neal M.D. she explains a lot to us - what happens to u if u choose leave without God :)

From my personal experience - 3rd stage endorsements - 3 laporascopy- 2 children (naturally) -honestly I don't take anything - evening primrose oil - And I realizes - God does exists and everything for a reason.

God bless U ! If U need counseling Anglican church has female priests and they very supportive and encouraging .

Everything will work out for U !

U will be amazing mother and will experience unconditional love from u child- NO JOB WORTH TO CONSIDER OVER BEING - MUMMY ! - MY GYNECOLOGIST TOLD ME 12 Y AGO


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