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Waiting for an appointment letter

Hi, I am waiting for an appointment letter to see someone about a possible prolapse, it could be the cause of pain and frequent water infections so at the moment I feel my life is on hold. Have been waiting 8 weeks now and no letter from the hospital, my husband and I have no closeness due to this and we feel as though there is no one to help us. This problem has been continuing for many years after a hysterectomy, or could have been caused by childbirth.I have been told by GPs not to have baths incase it causes discomfort, but I cant even have a normal married life, gels and lubes only aggravete the water infections and I can't even take oestrogen cream as oi could aggravate the prolapse, which i need as I have no ovaries due to the ravage of endometriosis. I hope I hear soon, the wait to see if I can have a normal life is unbearable at times, love to you all xx

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I would give your gp reception a ring and make sure the referral has been sent, that does seem a long time to not even been sent a date from hosp xx


Thank you for your reply, I check the post every morning at present, am asking about it tomorrow, just need to have a chance of a diagnosis and possible remedy xx



I feel for you, waiting around for appointments is so annoying I have been waiting since December to hear something for my first lap but still nothing I hate waiting around so I called the hospital like 3 times and finally last week they said my lap wil definately be in April I have just got to wait for an exact date now but atleast I kind of know now. Just call the doctor and say you need to know and things and they should be able to help you.

I get what you mean about it affecting your relationship, me and my partner have been affected unfortunately, the lack of sex is really getting to him then it makes me worry that if I do not give it him so much he may end up just looking somewhere else then that makes us argue because I am constantly worrying he is looking else where so it is one big circle really.

I hope you get your letter through soon, maybe just take your mind of it I have always noticed that works best like if you just stop waiting and thinking about it to come it usually turns up :D x


Thanks xbx, its been a fairly long term struggle for a number of years, my youngest daughter is 21, and I have now tried all other options recommended to me and now I just need a scan and a realistic discussion with someone. I have been married for 28 years and now I would not blame someone if there was a divorce yet at 48 I'm still quite young, i have tried not to think about it for years but keep coming back to the possibility that if it is a prolapse of the internal wall it could be causing the health problems I am suffering. The trouble is, a few years ago when I had to have several operations I became stressed, and found it difficult to cope, but now I feel I am stromg enough to try and resolve my health problems, the health professionals seem to focus on the anxiety side a lot, the anxiety is caused by knowing my health is not right and trying to get a diagnosis .My husband has quite frequently said he can't take much more.

Thanks again, and all the best xxx


Also xbx, I hope that everything is sorted for you when you have your lap xx Massage is a very good idea to relieve stress levels.


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