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Is anyone on the Decapeptyl (SR) injections

I have been on these for 5 months now.

It has been nothing short of a nightmare getting them as my receptionist at the GP surgery was adamant they never did them... then when I went back for my 1 month top up dose there, she had got the 3 month dose prescribed! Had I taken this it could have potentially put me into a medical menopause! Due to complain to practice manager & healthboard about this soon.

Main reason I ask is because I know that as its a hormonal treatment it will affect my mood, but I am so fed up with it. I get the shakes, suffer from anxiety and panic which is really not worth it I'd rather have the pain of the endo as I know how to medicate myself.

Anyone else feeling the same?

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Hi Emski

I am having Prostap injections which are a smiliar injection to Decapeptyl. Sadly your case is not unusual and many ladies find it difficult getting a prescription from their GP surgery. I think we find it frustrating because even though our gynae consultant has said we need to have the injections many surgeries/GP's don't like doing the scripts as the cost of the drug is high. Also as you have found out you have to be doubly careful that they are giving you the correct dosage if the drug!!

I consider myself lucky as I dont appear to suffer from any of the side-effects you mention. However it may be an idea to keep a diary of these to show your gynae how much and how often it affects your everyday life. Perhaps at your next follow-up appointment you can discuss alternative treatments and ask to stop the decapeptly injections?

Good luck with your next step

Caroline, x


Hi there, sorry for the delay busy with work and battling hormones! I swear I have more moods in a day than I do meals!

The injection was the end of the road in terms for treatment for me, and after reading a few of the blogs online, I'm not sure what happens next. I don't think that I'm taking my final injection. I'm just waiting on my Consultants secretary calling me with an appointment. My endo pain was agony yes, but I knew how to cope with that and get through that as it was only for a few days. This jag is every day!

Hoping the appointment is soon as I'm due at the end of April for the final dose!



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