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Did anyone else watch this week's episode of Holby City ? Jac Nailer having endometriosis ?? Great to have our disease finally getting some air time ! I hope they follow this story through ! Was disappointed the BBC didn't do a little bit at the end like they usually do 'If you have been affected by any of the issues on tonight's programme or want further information please contact blar blar blar !!!'...wouldn't that have been a great time for a link to Endo UK ????

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  • I saw it too, she actually has Endo along with other major conditions in real life, I hope they follow this through and make people understand it more, I was disappointed too as they didn't really play it out much, but she did try hard to get the awareness on the show xx

  • I didn't see it but was told about it by a friend today. It is great it is being recognised and referenced too, but yeh I agree hope they follow it through and they should have done a link. x

  • I thought it was fab to have on tv :) but i do know its only an hr the program but there is more to endo than just a couple of times of doubling over. Maybe they will continue it in the next few wks :) Agree with the fact it should have had something at the end about being affected.

  • I actually got a diagnosis after watching Casualty, a lady on there had it and I experienced the same symptoms so went to my GP, got referred, had a lap and found out I was right, so thanks to Casualty I am now getting help for it. But yes, it should definitely have said about being affected call blah blah blah, I'm glad its getting more attention as this will help people get a diagnosis like me. Just wish more programs will highlight it, some of the big ones like eastenders who gets a lot of viewers.

  • Agree with all above, I think from the beginning of the show, the main of this story started in previous shows. Here's hoping it is followed through x

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