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This is a bit random, but has anyone been physically sick in the first 60 hours after their laparosopy?

I know this is the least of most people's worries who have endo, but I'm having my first Lap in January, and I have a huge phobia of being sick. I have always had this phobia and even needed therapy to calm it down! I need the Lap done, and am thankful to have been given the opportunity to have it done. But the thought of being sick at any point is terrifying me, on top of the nerves i already have regarding what they are going to find, it is making me panic! Just wanted some reassurance that maybe it hasn't caused people to be sick afterwards, despite it being a common side effect. Thanks!

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I have had several general anesthetics before and I have found that soometimes i get sickness after these. The last 2 that i have had (both for laps) I have told the anesthetist that i have been sick from anesthetic in the past and they have given me extra anti-sickness drugs. When you go in, disscuss your situation with them and ask if this is possible. I was not sick at all after these last 2. The last thing you need on your mind is this so would def be worth talking to them and explaining your fears to them. Hope it all goes well x


I was the same had two laps within two weeks, the first one I was sick after and when I was rushed back in for the second one I told them that it had made me sick and they gave me anti sickness drugs that stopped it completly! Just make sure you mention your concerns and they will be able to reasure you and give you something to help Good luck hope it all goes well for you xx


I have a real issue with anaesthetics, I had a bad experience 20 years ago that has really caused me a lot of anxiety ever since. I explained this when I went for my pre-op, so it was in my notes, the nurse said I should mention it again to the anaesthetist before my lap. He was great, said he'd give me "everything in his cupboard" to stop that happening if he could. He also said the same again to his boss when I was in the prep room before going into theatre. They do usually sit you up these days following your op, but you can ask for this too, which lessens the sicky feeling.

I was sick twice when I came round, in fact I think I came round because I was going to be sick, but I was so relaxed about the whole thing that it was no issue at all, there was a nurse next to me, I said I'm going to be sick, she had a bowl there and whipped it away in an instant, was back with another one, no fuss, no issue and I went back to snooze land! I don't mean this to sound flippant, but I too have a massive issue with vomiting, but being able to tell everyone that and doing as much preparation as could be done seemed to make the whole thing so much better.


Yes, very similar to the other ladies, I was very sick after having a general anaesthetic a few years ago. So when I went for my Pre-Op for my laparoscopy I told them and they took heed and put anti-emetics in with the anaesthetic to stop me being sick. I also mentioned it to the anaesthetist in the morning before surgery and he was really nice and said he'd make sure he does all he can to stop me being sick. It worked a treat and I wasn't sick at all after my lap.

If you haven't had your Pre-Op yet, mention it there, and if you've already had it then perhaps phone the secretary of your gynae consultant and also mention it on the day. The anaesthetists are the people who can help you!

Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine. xx


Thank you everyone that has replied!! It has been a big help xxx It is a relief to hear there are anti sickness drugs they can give. I have had a pre-op so i'll give them a call as well as speak to them on the day of surgery too. Im very nervous about the whole thing, but thankful to be on the road to having something done!! Really, thank you for sharing. It is really good to speak to others who have had the experience :) xxx


Hi Scoones,

I share your fear and just wanted to give you some reassurance, having had 9 laps in the last 8 years and various other surgeries. Everyone is different after anaesthetics but your anaesthetist should be able to reassure you and make sure you have enough anti sickness drugs. The other thing I would say is - don't be afraid to ask the nurses for more medication if you are in pain or feeling sick as there are plenty of things available to help with this.

The last couple of ops I have had, I just wake up crying! It is a really weird thing and I can never work out why! :-)

Take good care and hope the lap helps you alot.



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