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Having lap op in a couple of weeks and want to know if anyone has it for pelvis pain?

I have very bad pelvis and leg pain so bad that some days is hard to pick up my children and walking around the painkillers don't help when it's really bad I've been told I got a thickening on my ligaments on my coccyx which is why I'm having pain so the doctor said they would have to cut my ligaments to sort this! So I wondered if anyone has had similar and what did they do and how was you afterwards? Also recovery time? Thanks.x.

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hey ......i have some of them symptoms you describe and have just been diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain syndrome...and also i know how you feel bout the painkillers...wen im bad i might as well not bother....at this time i take around 18 tablets a day....rattle wen i walk...lol...good luck hope you get the results u hope for...but if there is one thing i have learnt is dont get to excited...but still be positive.....xxx


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