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Hey all, is it normal to be having the same sort of pain as normal on top of post op pain after a lap?

I had my diagnostic lap 4 days ago now, they found and diathermised some cells, also some on my urethra and pouch of Douglas that they didn't remove.. I had hoped to be up and about by now and back to work, but not only have I got post op pain, I've got the familiar shooting pains and pains through my legs..

Also.. How do you know what 'stage' you've got and what are the implications?

Thanks in advance :) x

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Oh heavens no....recovery is never in 4 days..we are talking several weeks for diathermy. But you should be feeling able to go back to gentle work in probably 3 weeks or so, but might need longer.

it is like the worst sunburn ever feeling inside as it begins to recover, only you cannot put soothing ointments on it. Then just like sunburn as it progresses you get the raging itches and peeling stage which can really irritate you as you can't get at it to itch it,

If you had just suffered severe burns to your arm taking off several layers of skin you wouldn't likely be back at work in a matter of days for something like that, and inside you is even more fragile because you can't cover the wounds with soothing aloevera or after sun. Burns hurt for a long time and recovery is slow.

Your skin holes from the lap take about a week or two to heal up but inside does take quite a bit longer.

Even if you had nothing done at all but a look around to spot endo..it is 10 days minimum recovery from the stab wounds.

Get plenty of rest, keep drinking water to stay hydrated (as you would for sunburn) and potter about the house for the next week or two before even attempting to go back to work.

If you don't have cysts then you are stage 2.

Stages 1 and 2 are without endometrioma cysts.... but stage 2 is when it hurts, Stage 1 doesn't cause pain.

stage 3 is endo with cysts and

stage 4 is endo with cysts and deep infiltrating endo.

Because they couldn't get at all of it safely during this op, you may need a follow up surgery it might mean being referred to a more experienced endo specialist surgeon than a general gynaecology surgeon. Getting at endo in the pod can be tricky with a lap op and sometimes requires a laparotomy (big hole) op.

Or if they didn't see too much down there they might decide to put you on drug hormone therapy for a few months to see if that eases your pains while you wait on he next op.

This option is not recommended by me, but I am just letting you know what the Docs are likely to advise.

Either way, wait to see what the surgeon sends your GP as a report, and check if you are to have a follow up appointment with the surgeon in the coming months.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Hello :)

You don't have to have cysts to have stage 3 or for. I am between stage 3/4 and I don't have any cysts. Stage 1 and 2 can also be more painful because the stage of the disease doesn't often reflect the amount of pain a patient suffers. Quite often women with stage 1 experience worse pain than someone with the later stages.

Aside from that I agree - 4 days it definitly not long enough! I was back to work after 2 and a half but if I had a choice I wouldn't of gone back until atleast 6 weeks as I felt so rotten. I hope you start to feel better soon but be patient with yourself as you have just had quite major surgery.


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Gosh, I really had no idea about any of this, my gynae consultant was brief at best and the surgeon was fast talking and I was so out of it I didn't catch most of what he told me.. I remember some pictures and him saying if they'd had removed some on my urethra there'd have been a chance of kidney failure.. Guess that freaked me out and stopped me hearing much else!! I'll take it easy for as long as I can, but don't get paid if I'm not at work do I don't have the luxury of taking 3 weeks off that's for sure! Thank you :) x


It took me about 6 weeks to feel ok and mostly back to normal. I was miserable and in pain the first 2 weeks with the leg pain and groin pain amongst the rest. I was walking bent over like an old woman! Don' beat yourself up if you don't bounce back in a week. It's normal. Be kind to yourself and just know you are not alone xx


Thank you, much appreciated! X


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