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Hi my name is Lynz and im new ive suffered from bad periods since they started around 15 years ago in the beginning id bleed for 3 weeks stop for a week then start again i was put on microgynon to regulate it which it did and ive been taking them ever since. My problem is horrendous period pain that starts 3 days before i start and then for the full 7 days that im bleeding the pain is lower abdominal, in my hips, lower back and legs i also get headaches, nausea, dizziness and a lot of large black clots does this sound like endometriosis? Ive seen lots of drs in the past all of which have said its just your period live with it but it interferes with my life i missed school and work because of this and when im on i cant go out due to the pain and heaviness can anyone relate? Thanks for reading sorry about the long post

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I should also mention ive been diagnosed with what my dr thought was recurrent uti/kidney infections it always starts at the end of my period i get lower left back/abdominal pain thats so bad i can barely walk the dr always does a urine test and it comes back positive for blood so i get given antibiotics im not sure these are utis as i dont get frequent painful urination its just the pain and slight fever maybe this is related im not sure?


Can anyone help?


Hi Lynz. Yes I think most of us can relate which in a funny way can be comforting because you are not alone Hun. Take care. Julie. Xxx


You need yo get s referral to s gyne doc or preferably an endo specialist, please write down all your symptoms and take them to uour Gp,

Good luck xxx


Click on my user name and read my post on endo and its many symptoms and how to find a specialist .


I know exactly how you feel. I'm in the process of trying to get a diagnosis. I've had heavy and painful periods for years. I'm at the age where I'm considering a family, but I'd be terrified coming off the pill as I won't be able to go out unless I "double up" (towels and tampons at same time) and take a backpack of extras with me.

I don't think GPs realise how debilitating it can be for women who have problematic periods.

I'm keeping a symptom diary for a month so I can take it to my GP and try to get at least some scans. There's a good template here: endometriosis-uk.org/visiti...

Fingers crossed xx


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