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Anyone in South London who is around to meet up for coffee and chat?

Hello ladies,

Been a long term 20 years endo sufferer and would love to hear from ladies who would like to meet up for a coffee and chat. I'm in the South London area and going through coming off the pill waiting for my periods so doctors can run hormone tests.

I'm single in pain on Mefanamic Acid and would love a face to face chat with someone who really understands. We could help each other a even a small group of us. Heck any one in London!

I hope you get in touch maybe chat on the phone first?


Neena x

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Hi Neena, i am from South London and happy to meet. I am in Nuffield waiting for my 3rd surgery because of endometriosis. I hope i will have a reasonable time for recovery so we can meet. Please email me on jzkopec@gmail.com. I may be not able to answer the emails for the next couple of days ( after todays surgery) but then i should be OK. Best


Sorry it took me so long but have just emailed you x


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