Anyone in the South East England (Reading) area?


A lady posted about arranging a coffee morning in the Wimbledon area and I thought it was a really nice idea, so I hope she doesn't mind me stealing it.

If you are in the surrounding area of Reading and would like to meet with other girls/women who are experiencing similar problems and would like to have a general chat and make some new friends please leave a comment and I will arrange something.


Shell x

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I'd be up for this!

Ah good :)

What area are you from?


Hampshire :)

Same :)

Well hopefully more people will reply to this, if not I am happy with just us two meeting up?


Sounds good! :) x

I will keep you updated :)

How are you feeling with things?



Please do!

And I'm doing ok, how about you? x

Not great to be honest, just can't wait to go to my appointment and sort out what's going on


I'm in Poole and would happily travel up to Hampshire too xx

Okay :) I will give the post another few days and if no one else comments I will arrange a meeting for you, Char and myself.


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