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hi all well i came on my periods 4th one since prostap stopped and my god i was in so much pain again i could not walk i was just wondering if anyone passed large blood clots i have been passing large blood clots this period they are i would say about 2in ling by 1 in wide after passing i was in so much pain i felt sick and faint i see my gyneo on the 21st so i will be telling them just wondering what you guys think xxx

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I was getting clots much bigger than that on my regular monthly cycles before undergoing endo treatments. So it wouldn't be a shock to me now, but when it 1st happened it sure was a weird and scary sensation.

It got so bad I was checked out for fibroids - scans showed nothing at all. It was a couple of years later that I got my big op and raging endo was discovered and no fibroids at all.

It's just sometimes how the lining of the uterus tears away from the walls. As you get older it can come away in clots or clumps like that. It's like having a miscarriage, as you can feel them as they descend and expel out of the body. Not nice at all, but not necessarily related to the prostap. I had mine for many years getting bigger as time went on and long before drugs and surgery.


I agree with impatient - I'm a clotter and quite used to it. To be honest, I have been having big clots since I first started at 13 and it is horrible. I think you should mention it to the gyne, but don't think it's prostap related. Sometimes they will suggest taking low dose norerthisterone to help lessen bleeding, especially is tranexamic and mefanamic acid doesn't help.

Good luck with your appointment and hope you feel better soon x


thanks guys i have always had clots just not that big i had op in sept 11 then i was put on prostap for 8 month my periods started again 4 months ago the first was good no pain then the pain started again this last one was awful back to the same old pain i had before xxxx


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