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Hello and what type of analgesia do you use if any?

HI im new to this site and im from melb australia .... im 42 yrs old with 3 children and like several others i have endometriosis(dx thru a chocolate cysts) and adenomyosis (bulky uterus) and fibroids ...I have had 2 lap (found no outside endometriosis) and D&Cs and just recently had a mirena inserted as i was having horific periods like being in labour...and admitted into to Emergency for need of iv fentanyl as the endone wasnt touching it at home.

Since the last lap and mirena Jan 2013 i have been feeling good except now you guessed it the horrible symptoms are back .....the worst one is the constant lower dull ache in back area.... it feels like i have been up on my feet all day and have done a real heavy shift in a nursing home... but instead half the time i have just gotten out of bed and im still sore.

I was just on nurofen and panadol then i used tramal then that wasnt working so im on endone when i need it ..... honestly i could have one every day as it works HOWEVER as i have to function and drive the kids to school etc i dont.

What do others use and do others have this constant ache in lower back especially when it is normally period time ?

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Hi Lass, this is mostly a Brit board, so the drug names will be different here, which might be why you haven't had much of a response!

Drugs, for me, don't touch the back pain, though there are ladies on here who take oramorph with some response. I'll take codeine sometimes, just to get some sleep, but it doesn't really help with the pain, per se.

Sometimes using a TENS machine will help, may be worth a try? It kind of tricks your nerves into thinking they are fine. I put mine right at the base of the spine, on either side.

Hope you get some answers!



Thanks for the reply :)

TENS thats worth a try thanks


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