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Has anyone used Feanolla (desogestrel) progesterone only pill for endo pain?


Hi all,

I've recently been prescribed Feanolla to treat painful periods caused by endometrial cysts on my ovaries. Wondered if anyone has used it and how you found it? It seems to increase low moods and anxiety which puts me off but is supposed to be good at treating pain and preventing endometriosis developing. Any advice would be great, thanks!

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I've been on feanolla since July. Unlike other pills, because there's no break, I haven't had the awful headaches I used to have. I haven't had any emotional side effects either.

I had very painful ovulation and it seems to helped that.

the only downside I've found is that now I can't predict when my flare ups will be, they are not as cyclical as they used to be.

there's also the added benefit of no periods, which generally makes life easier!

so, it's worked for me, but everybody is different. I think it's worth trying pill after pill until you find the one that suits you.

Adams81 in reply to urgley

Thanks, that's really helpful :)

newstart2020 in reply to urgley

Hi there, it's a tricky path trying to find something to balance things out with the endo, for sure. I had been using mirena coil to help with endo symptoms and although it took 6 months to settle initially, I found that adjustment time worth it. My third coil tho, wasn't inserted correctly/migrated so it was ineffective from the get go. But no-one realised. I think 9 months after that coil was in I went back to the consultant who (didn't check my coil but) recommended that I try Desogestrel on top of my mirena for all these extra symptoms I was getting. I've been perimenopausal for a few years so I thought it was that. Anyhoo, my hair started falling out maybe 6 months after I started desogestrel, so I stopped taking it. But the hair loss didn't stop and all my endo pains and more arrived... so... It wasn't desogestrel causing hair loss. And a recent scan found that the coil hadn't been working and I've also got adenomyosis. desogestrel helped with endo pain to I'd say 75%, but my experience has been that it wasn't as effective for me as mirena coil, which gave me several 95% pain-free years. It doesn't work for everyone though.


I have found this thread really helpful as yesterday i have been diagnosised with a flare up of endo and I too have been prescribed desoestrel. Started taking it yesterday. I am hopeful that it will reduce the pain as I too have cysts on one of my ovaires and the headaches that I have been experiencing over the past few months. I was pleased to read urgley reply as I have been experiencing alot of anxiety for the last few months so I am hoping that this wont be increased, as the anxitey has been impacting on my work. Recently I have been experiencing hot flushes, night sweats and feeling extremely tired all the time. Have you been experiencing these symptoms?

My Gp said that it takes about a week for the medication to start working. How are you getting on with it?

Adams81 in reply to emmaad

Hello, sorry to hear you've been having all those symptoms. I haven't started taking it yet, I was going to wait until my period. I will let you know how it goes! Have you thought of alternative therapies for anxiety? Acupuncture and hypnotherapy have helped me.

emmaad in reply to Adams81


I havent tried anything alternative yet as it has only been a few days since been told that this was all due to relapse of the endo. I am looking for some alternative treatments to help me and was thinking about going back to the gym but not sure if this will help.

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