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Evening all! I went to see my Euroligist last week and have definitely got some gynae problem but because of my recurrent urine infections and painful on an internal he tells me I have a uterine stricture which I've got to have a general for to insert a cameraas he said it won't go in otherwise.

I'm really worried about the anesetic! He said that was the least of my worries!

I've also started getting my groin pain back, I had my last Zoladex two weeks ago,which I have found have worked with my pain, so now I don't know what will happen now!


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You saw a Urologist for your water works, though I do love your spelling (perhaps he was European urologist ) If you have endo it might be endo itself, or it could be the gluey scar tissue from endo wounds called adhesions.

I absolutely agree with your urologist, having a general anaesthetic is the every least of your concerns to be quite honest.

I have had several general anaesthetics in my life and they are a doddle, they really are.

It takes about 10 seconds to go to sleep and know nothing about what's happening down below.

If you have a laparoscopy surgery or a bigger hole op, then with both types you are give huge doses of pain killers before you even leave the operating theatre and are wheeled back to the ward. when you do wake up rather groggy and try and sit up for the first time, chances are you will either feel very nauseous or will actually be sick.

This is not from the operation, but is a reaction to the morphine pain killer drugs they gave you just before you came back on the ward.

Once that wears off you get switched on to a drip fed pain killer and you just press a button each time you feel the pain coming back, but they don't leave on that for very long. Usually about 24 hours unless you are well enoough to go home sooner.

Because of the gas they pump in to your tummy so they can see around it, some of that gas gets trapped inside and doesn't squish out of you before they seal up your holes.

Now this gas is the main source of post operative pain and aches.

You just have to wiggle and jiggle and fart or burp it out to feel relieved of pain. It's a bit more severe than if you have just drunk 2 litres of fizzy pop, and you know how uncomfy that can be if you don't let the gas out.

And that's all there is really to having a general anaesthetic.

It really is one of the best bits, it works so fast as I said only takes about 10 seconds and you are zonked out totally, not even dreaming, just in very very deep wonderful sleep. The GA aspect certainly doesn't hurt. The recovery might, but that depends on what you had done and where and doesn't have anything to do with the general anaesthetic.

By the way, they don't even give you an injection for the GA these days, they will put in a two way canula in when you arrive at the hospital and all blood donations and all medicines including the GA are put in to you through the canula which a skinny bendy bit of plastic than is stickytaped to your wrist or in the crook of your elbow.

That might bruise a little if you accidentally knock it hard while your'e in hospital, or catch it on your clothes, but it is just the one implant and is nowhere near as sore as having a stonking big zoladex put in you.


I had a stricture done years ago, and while recovery was painful (they basically stretch the tube you wee out of), it totally cured my ongoing bladder infection problems. Don't worry too much it is very minor surgery!


She said she had a Uterine stricture (which is the uterus (womb)) nixhaz.

I suspect you are right and Whirly meant the tube from the kidneys.

If she meant 'ureteral stricture' that would be the ureter which is the skinny tube that comes from the kidneys to the bladder.

Or a urethral stricture would be from the bladder and out the wee hole, more common in men who have a longer journey there.

eitherway which ever it is, surgery is required to sort it out under general anaesthetic.

Whirly, which bit of you is getting squished from the outside of it?

It doesn't take much effort from endo or adhesions on the ureter (tube from kidney to bladder) to stop it working properly or at all. Inside it is about as narrow as a tear duct in your eye. It's really a skinny tube, so anything blocking it on the inside like a kidney stone, or constricting it from the outside like adhesions can cause problems that need to be seen to pretty quickly. Luckily most people hve two working kidneys, and the other can cope, but if you have only 1 kidney or there is risk to both sides then it can be an emergency op.

The cameras go in belly button and a couple of other small holes to have a good look around. They do not go into the ureter itself. It's too thin inside.

You can have a stent put in to keep your ureter from being squashed from the outside and allowing the wee to drain normally, or whatever is causing the stricture might be something that can be cut away.

If you type in 'stent' in the search box for this forum you will find posts from other women who have or are having stents put in their ureters. there are a few on this forum.


Ugh... that would be me up at 2.30 am in pain and not fully functioning I guess! Sorry... however a urethral stricture (which is what I had), did totally help and wasn't major surgery. I think I will just crawl back under my rock now!! :)


LOL at 2.30am I'm not surprised your eyesight was a bit in need of sleep nixhaz.

It's easy to mis-read ureteral, urethral and uterine and urine and to mistype them too at any time of day or night. If I hadn't put my reading glasses I'd not have spotted it.

hope you're feeling better now, and enjoying today's sunshine. Get on top of the rock and absorb those rays, don't hide under it ;-)


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