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Successful First Lap

Hi All,

I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis today after my first lap at 25. I had quite a lot of scar tissue on my womb especially the right side which they removed. Funny thing most of pelvic and leg pain is all on the left side.Have been in a lot of pain especially when i came round so drugged up to my eyeballs with every painkiller going. Made me feel very faint and sick so decided to keep me in.

Very nervous about now what this all means, especially of conceiving but I am sure I will find this out when I next see my consultant. They told me my tubes were ok which is a positive.

Although nervous, I am so pleased that I have an answer to all these years of not knowing and that I was right all along! We really do know our bodies and we must fight even when being dismissed by our doctors.

I must say even though I have hard with my doctor and getting here , the NHS have proved themselves to be brilliant today! The nurses have been brilliant and nothing is too much trouble. All the ladies in the ward commented how great the staff are and how hard they work.

Thank you to all your support and advice on this site, it really has been such a help knowing you are not on your own.


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Wowee, so pleased to hear from you so soon after surgery. Delighted at the results, as it does mean you were right and they found it and they also managed to tackle the adhesions too, so with a bit of luck, that in itself will make you feel and move lot better too, once you recover from the op. Sounds like you'll be home tomorrow !! They'll be waiting for you to pee in to a cardboard hat thing first probably to show that your bladder is working okay!!

Feeling sick after the anaesthetic is 'normal', not nice but normal.

And make the most of the painkiller drip as they don't leave that plugged in to you for too long sadly, and when it wears off, the pain of the gas that is still trapped inside will sure make your shoulders ache, so keep wriggling around to get the gas shifted asap, don't hold back, if you have to burp or fart it out then do so, wherever whenever, don't hold it in.

Forget female pride and dignity and just do whatever you need to do to release that gas.

You'll feel so much better once that is out of the system.

The pain you have now will mostly be cause by the dreaded gas. Do whatever you can to fart and belch it out. However nice the wonderful nursing staff are, you gotts get that excess wind out asap. They won't mind.

As for the news of clear tubes..that's the holy grail discovery, so fantastic news indeed.

Have a quiet relaxing week or two at home, keep on top if the pain meds for a few more days yet and take it easy. It will hurt getting up and sitting down and going to the loo, so give yourself plenty of time to make the trip to the bathroom.

If there is room, put a chair near the loo to give you support as you get down and up off the loo, and wrap a towel or cushion into a roll to squash into your stomach when you need to bear down for a poo. Your muscles will be rather tender inside for a good few days as they have been stabbed, poked and prodded.

apart from that, get PLENTY of rest and watch lots of DVD's though not too many funny ones as laughing will not be helpful to wounds. But also take hourly short walks pottering around the house too, even if it is just to the bathroom and back, or one end of the house to the other. short and frequent exercise is essential for recovery and to stop any risk of DVT.

Keep us posted on your progress, and don't forget we're here for any post op queries too.

Hope you're back to a healthy you in no time at all



I have found this so helpful as I jus had a 2nd lap 3 days ago.. This time they had to remove the cyst around my right ovary and remove some of the endo near the bowel when I came out this time I was in so much pain, my chest was tight makin it difficult to breathe.. I can say I managed to get rid of most of the air out and the walking around helped not easy though. I can say the nurses and the doctors were brilliant


The laughing is definitley not good! I got let out yesterday morning so nice to be back home. Struggling going for a wee very painful and still lots of bleeding. Am eating now so hoping opening my bowels won't be too long but they told me that if nothing happens by Monday I must go and see GP. I am keeping myself dosed up and walking around, polos and peppermint tea.

I had a good cry last night, think it all hit me and feeling a little fed up even though it is my 2nd day lol!

Msbeno I hope you are getting on ok! I also had a struggling with my breathing. Was on oxygen for most if Friday after I came round from op.

Thanks once again for all your advice.



I am the same! Had my op yesterday and recovering well. I'm 26 and quirks like to know my future with endo


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