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My endometriosis seems cured for now, since having my son on 30th September 2012. I had an endometrioma in my right ovary measuring 5 to 6 cm and was 1.5cm after drainage as MRI showed cyst was still there 6 months before becoming pregnant. Had an ultrasound scan 2 weeks ago because was getting ovulation pain for a week and it showed that the cyst is gone, I have a normal ovary again :D Just want to keep my periods away I tried loestrin 20 but came on my period in middle of the month so am going to take back to back loestrin 30 and have 4 periods a year so fingers crossed will stay endo-free for the time being. xx

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That's great that you have found success.. I'm trying to get pregnant at the moment and your story gave me abit more hope.. Fingers crossed x


:) thank you. There is always hope. Thought would never get pregnant especially also have only 1 tube and functioning ovary and that ovary was messed up with endo and cyst. Thanking Mr Upstairs everyday for my little one so much. xx


Read your story and its trying to give me luck did you get pregant with your cycst still there cos I heard its difficult gettn pregant wen you have cycst did you do anythn to your endo am going for my appointment with my gynea in april and want to talk to him about solution to my severe endo does anyone knw what better treatment to talk about thanks


HI Tywobag,

Not sure if my cyst was still there but in July 2011 had MRI and cyst was 1.5cm, had Prostap injections for 3 months and periods returned October 2011 and conceived new year 2012. So unsure if the Prostap shrank it or made it disappear or if pregnancy did. Was trying 2 years to get pregnant before my laparoscopy to drain the cyst in May 2011. At it's worst it measured between 5 and 6 centimetres. Ask about Prostap, gave me hot flushes and menopausal symptoms but worked really well for me good luck :)



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