Ok so I went for my scan last week, which the gyno said I needed to have before my op, really so annoyed however, the gyno told me that the waiting list for the lap was 6 weeks and should be by the start of March, I asked at reception when I went for scan and the receptionist was like thats wrong the waiting list is 18 weeks and I am like :O I cannot wait till like June to have it I am in agony, how do I cope with this pain until then?

Anyway to drone on.... my symptoms have been getting gradually worse over the past few weeks, I am putting on more weight, feeling more lathargic and having no energy what so ever, the pain is getting worse and most days I dont even want to move from bed. But the biggest thing thats bugging me lately is eating, I have a constant hunger all day and then when I go to eat I can barely get anything down as it makes me feel sick, was wondering if anyone else has this? Do I cut down on big meals and then just snack or do I not eat all day and try and cope with the hunger pains and then eat a big meal at night?

My weight gain is really getting me down lately, I have gone from a size 6-8 to a 12, I am going away in June and really want to get rid of this bloat and extra weight but how the hell can I exercise when I do not even have the energy to get out of bed? :(

How is everyone else coping with the weight gain is there any tips or hints to drop the pounds more easy without it been a big struggle? x

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  • Hi

    First of all, are you on any hormonal treatment or are you taking any medication/painkillers? Some of these can have as side effect weight gain and water retention.

    As a general rule and especially if you dont want to put pressure to your stomach is better to eat several small meals per day than one very big. x

  • Hey.

    At the moment the hospital have not put me on anything to help, I have got to wait to have my first lap then they said they will put me on some injections think she said one a month for six months to stop my ovaries working or something.

    I am on the pill, which helps a bit with like periods and stuff but still get so much pain, I take my pill 3 months in a row then have a break.

    I would love to start to exercise more and things but find it so hard I get out of breath and in agony just hovering so anything else is a right struggle its getting annoying now as I use to be really fit and exercise loads x

  • Hi

    The pill (hormonal treatment) has one of major side effects weight gain/bloating/water retention, so I guess since you dont eat more than usual this is the reason for the weight gain. You need to think about pros and cons, if the pill is helping you somehow with pain etc then its worth the weight gain, if not then you should think stopping it, but its better to talk with your doctor first.

    I'm very sensitive to any hormonal treatment including the pill and one of the many side effects I had was weight gain and severe water retention that was leading to me changing dress sizes. But I had so many other nasty side effects that i had to stop them only after a few weeks (progesterone in pills gives me severe acid reflux since I have underlying problems with my stomach). x

  • When I first started the pill when I was 16-20 I had no issues no weight gain or anything its just been over the last 1-2 year I have put on loads of weight its weird, I have got to go to my doctors at the end of the week to get some more so might have a chat with them see if there is any other types of pill or anything I could have.

    I will be glad to have this lap so they can least have a look around in there, just getting tired of been passed from pillar to post and not knowing what is exactly wrong and how I can be helped its so annoying x

  • Hello. Going gluten free has done wonders for my weight, bloating and digestion problems. I used to feel nausus all the time after eating and my tummy would be so bloated! I'm a gluten free vegetarian and it has made everything so much better. At first it can seem a bit difficult to stick to a gluten free diet; but once you see how much better you feel, it won't be hard at all. In fact, the couple times I've cheated and eaten some bread or whatever, the upset (really terrible) tummy aches, gas and bloating are a reality check! There are many studies linking digestion to endo, especially gluten sensitivities.

    Good luck and I hope you fell better!

  • Hi Mcnielal

    I went gluten free from 2011-2012 as at first the doctors thought this was the reason for my symptoms so I was sent to a gut specialist, but I had no change i was still costantly bad, so they cleared me of all gluten allergies and things. I would love to try and exercise more as I have heard exercise is good for your endo and i want to lose this weight but the only problem is whenever i go to exercise its so damn hard as after like 5 minutes I am in agony. I have recently got a bike so hopefully when the weather warms up a bit going to push myself and try to atleast do an hour a week on it x x

  • I'm sorry you're struggling so badly. What about walks? I have three, yes three, amazing dogs, so I typically walk for an hour in the morning with them. Taking walks may not seem like hardcore exercise, but it's more that sitting around. Also, I feel like if you have a peaceful place to walk it has mental benefits as well.

  • yeah I use to do alot of walking but to be honest over the past few months I have hardly had any energy to do so I feel so run down, but my aim is to just push myself to get fit and walk and cycle more then hopefully that may help, may also help with my anxiety aswell as I have pretty bad anxiety.

    hopefully aswell when the weather gets better that will improve my mood and lift my spirits a bit and encourage me to get out more and things, the constant bloat is just doing my head in, I was like a size 6-10 in 2011 now I am a size 12 put on over 2 stone in a year and I have never put on so much weight so its getting me down right now. I need to try and lose some by the time I go on holiday so I can actually feel comfortable getting into my bathers haha. I am going back to doctors next week to discuss the pill see if i am on the right one and stuff and if thats affecting my weight. I will be glad to have my first lap soon I know it sounds bad but I am hoping they find something sounds awful I know but atleast I will have closure then knowing what it is rather then been passed from pillar to post x

  • Hi, regarding waiting until June in all your pain, if you are able to, phone the hospital and tell them you would like to be put on the Cancellation List if they have one meaning you would be available for your op at short notice. I did, and I have my 1st Lap next Wednesday (gulp)


  • thanks, i think i will do that, who do i call? the gyno or just general enquires? I just want it done with x

  • Well it's worth a try as they do often have cancellations that they want filled. I told my Gynae's Secretary when she was getting me on the waiting list, and then confirmed it with the Day Procedure Unit where I will have my op.

    Let us know how you get on. xx

  • Well it's worth a try as they do often have cancellations that they want filled. I told my Gynae's Secretary when she was getting me on the waiting list, and then confirmed it with the Day Procedure Unit where I will have my op.

    Let us know how you get on. xx

  • Right, I called the hospital today and they said that I have literally just filtered through onto the waiting list so I am looking mid May time to have it done pfft, feels like ages away.

    I did say though if any cancellations come up then to let me know and she made a note on my forms so fingers crossed.


  • You may not have a gluten allergy such as celiac disease but it will still be causing inflammation and pain as I believe it does with all endo sufferers. Since having a big cyst my appetite increased too and sounds like your situation. Then I went gluten free, cows milk dairy free, soya free and the change is amazing! I no longer have cravings, most of the pain has gone, even though i haven't had my op yet, my weight has returned to normal. I would recommend it!! + walking a lot helps - vigorous exercise like the gym just seems to make the symptoms worse.

  • hey.

    I really do not think I could go dairy or gluten free again, was so hard when I did, I am going to try and cut down but cant cut it out completely. At the moment I have just cut down eating altogether instead of having large meals and things I have been snacking on small things throughout day and that has seemed to help a bit.

    Its just the exercise thing I use to love going out on bike rides and horse riding now I feel rubbish because I cannot even do those things anymore as I struggle loads it is really annoying me, I thought even if I start light and do a 30 minute bike ride that would be ok but after 5 minutes I had enough. I might start walking more.

    My doctor has also the other day changed my pill I am on she says the one I am on now may be causing my sickness and has put me on another one so will have to wait and see if that works or not.

    I just cant wait to have my lap so they can actually get in there and have a look, sounds bad but I hope they find something, sounds really bad doesnt it but I am just so sick of not knowing whats wrong and the doctors sometimes making me feel like its in my head that sometimes I do now think god is there something actually wrong or is it all in my mind, tired of been passed from pillar to post.


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