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just a quickie. I was put on Zoladex too see if my pain was gynae related (possible endo) i am on a 6 month course. Today was my 4th injection and i am still in pain, i think it has helped a bit and i mean a bit but every day is a struggle i am on reduced hours at work and pain is there all the time when i am having a good day its a 2/3 and on a bad day 8. I asked the doctor this morning to get in touch and get the ball rolling with getting me back to see consultant which she did but when i got home a message on answer phone saying hospital will send letter out when i have finished course. Is this normal.? i just want to get back and find out the next step. And does anyone know what the next step will be?

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If you are in the uk, you could call and speak to the consultants secretary. Explain how much pain you are still in and ask if you can have an earlier appointment. Hope this helps, its always worked for me. I'm currently coming to the end of my 12th month of Zoladex and for me with my endo this has been my godsend, if i could be on it till menopause I would but sadly they dont allow it.

Good luck


Thank you for your reply, it means alot to have people who know what i am going through. Feeling very low today probably through pain and lack of sleep. Rang the secretary who said they wanted me to have whole course. Going to wait till 5th injection and see how it goes this month.


I am about to start zoladex so can only advise what my gynae has said at an endo specialist centre in that if i dont see any pain relief after my third month of treatment, it's likely the rest of my pain post-op is not endo related (although, I believe it is endo pain I have). This is post lasering endo from pouch of douglas.

I am also going to try the endo diet, which the specialist said has little evidence it works, but I will give anything a try!

Sorry for short, blunt message, 2:40 am and awake in pain!

Oh the joy !!x


No problem, i was up numerous times finally awake in pain at 5.30am was not excurciating pain but still kept me awake. Very tired and not looking forward to rest of day or the 3 3/4 hour shift at work. Although it does take my mind off things and strangely standing better than sitting or laying down. My consultant said if Zoladex didn't work can't be endo. So why the hell are they waiting till my 6th injection when i just want it sorting it's really frustrating. I am getting really down.


Hi. Sorry you're in so much pain still.

My first course of Zoladex was three months. The benefit increased and by month 3 I felt on top of the world. I then had a break of a couple of months due to waiting for consultant appointment. They said that as I'd been OK with the Zoladex alongside HRT for 'add-back' I was allowed to have a further 9 implants. Yippee!!!

However, I didn't get the same relief. About 4 weeks ago (6 implants down the line) I abstained from HRT for approx 7 days (having read other posts on here about HRT confusing the issue). I have since had a good few weeks for which I'm delighted.

I understand why I can't stay off HRT for the remainder of the course but I feel that being without for a week definitely helped and I'm so glad I tried it.

Best of luck to you xx


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