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living with endrometriosis

I had 4 children 3 miscarriages and 1 still birth by the time i reached 27 and suffered so much pain with my monthlys but never knew it to be anything other than severe pm pain and clots. I had a laparoscopy sterilisation at 28yrs then the pain just increased and number 2s is difficult. I didn`t get diagnosed till in my 30s when sent for a scan at the hosp by my then dr but only was offered the marina which i did not take up. I have since found out both my daughters have the same thing and my youngest daughter whose 19 suffers really badly and since been offered laser therepy but guess i will continue working through my pain as i never trouble my dr and didnt know much about it till more recent yrs. I never found pain killers to work but a hot water bottle seems to help soothe and ease the pain when lying down in bed. I have often wondered if it could be inherited as my mother never knew but that is the same as what she suffered to.

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HI there

I work as a menstrual heath educator and one of the things I recommend to women first up is Maya Abdominal massage, go to this website to find qualified practitioners around the world arvigotherapy.com/ It's so good for all menstrual woes but especially pain, endo, and PCOS. Also castor oil pack. You'll find info on the web. My website in case you are interested in more is womensquest.org...cheers Alexandra


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