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Frustrated and Angry

I posted before but it bounced back so I am trying again.

I am trying to recover from a major operation (brain) which was bad enough but it is being hindered by the continual pain, tiredness, nausea and itching I am suffering.

I am possibly having a hysterectomy which I don’t like the idea of after what happened with my last operation (stroke). (I would have preferred to go through the menopause naturally) but I am in a hell of a lot of pain.

I missed out on having children because I wasn’t in a relationship ‘at the right age’ but have long given the idea up as I am now 47. Everyone around me seems to be having children and someone in my family is currently pregnant and is having similar symptoms to mine nausea, sore boobs and tiredness.

I want to get back to a normal life by walking properly and being more independent but it is difficult when you feel rubbish most of the time.

I am taking my frustration out on my husband who was brilliant throughout my stay in hospital being very supportive but he doesn’t understand how the endometriosis is getting me down.

Sorry if I sound as if I’m feeling sorry for myself but I am frustrated and angry.

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hey there for starters im so sorry for everything your going through and have been through and don't ever apologise for how your feeling we spend most of our time being told how we should feel let it out and feel sorry for yourself you've every right im not sure how I could help you but just that I understand the endo side of things!

its really hard to exsplain to anyone how the endo makes us feel or what it dose to us I find it hard with my partner to! but reading on websites about ladies such as ourselves they have a scale 1-10 1 being a good day mentally, physically and emotionally and 10 being really bad with everything I am currently working out the scale for myself so I can present it to my partner and use it day to day then atleast they have a guide day to day evan if they don't understand they still know how your feeling.

I hope things come wright for you and you get another good spurt they a scarce I know but we have to tressure what we can have not what we carnt !

lots of tummy love to you take care

nicki x


Thanks for your reply Nicki

It's nice that other people understand what we're going through and we can 'get things off our chest' on here.

I am trying very hard to do my exercises even though I am very tired and in pain most of the time because I desperately want to be independent and get back to a normal life. I try and do gentle exercises and rest in between but the more vigorous exercises are harder when you are totally shattered and have a clear head to think about what you are doing.

My husband accused me of feeling sorry for myself and I can't bring myself to speak to him at the moment.

I wish I had been born male. There are enough problems in life without this rubbish on top of everything.

Maybe my husband was right I am feeling sorry for myself, but I know one thing, I am angry.


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