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Sad, mad, angry and frustrated, any suggestions about consultants in the North West?


I could rant on for ages but I will try and make it shortish! I had my lap on 14th June, extensive endo stage 4 lots of work done. I've not been right since the op and I'm in more pain than I was before! It's driving me mad, I've been backward and forward to my doctors who have been great and in the end they contacted my consultant, over 3 weeks ago as they didn't know how best to treat me. My consultant phoned me on Monday and I told him how I'm feeling and he said he wanted to see me in clinic as soon as poss and appointment would be sent out. I phoned the hospital and spoke to his secretary who was aware that my doctors had contacted them twice but she had no message from my consultant to make me an appointment. I got really upset on the phone as she said she couldn't make me an appointment without his say so, I also asked roughly how long it could be before I get an appointment, to which she replied 'I can't say until I've spoken to your consultant'. I told her to let my consultant know I'm not happy as he knows what pain I'm in and I also told her I am going to make a complaint (there are lots of issues about my stay in hospital that I will now bring up). I'm so sad, mad, angry and frustrated, arrrrggggghhhhhhhhh.

Anyway do any of you lovely ladies know of a good consultant in the North West, not bothered where as I'm currently travelling 2 hours to see mine, in-box me with any suggestions. Thank you and have a nice weekend. X

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I am afraid I do not live in the North West but try looking on the Dr Foster site consultants that specialize. Having had pain after ops, my guess is it could well be adhesions, scar tissue causing your pain. This unfortunately does often reform after surgery and can cause substantial pain. Problem is, each surgery can cause more trauma and ultimately more scar tissue. It is a gluey substance like a spiders web, which can adhere organs to neighbouring ones, as happened in my case. It is a well documented big problem with repeat surgery. There are various adhesion barriers but I am not aware there is any barrier that guarantees you will not get formation of scar tissue. Sorry I can't be more helpful but thought this info might be useful.

bonygirl1 in reply to Juleyanne

Thank you you have been very helpful. X

I live in the NorthWest and maybe able to help but I don' know how to inbox you.

lownook in reply to cupcake40

Hi I am looking for a surgeon in the North West and have seen your old reply. Can you help?

Thank you

Thanks i will have a read up about him. X

Thanks I will have a read up about him X


Hi Everyone,

Please remember to not name individual practitioners on this forum.

We understand that it can be challenging to find an appropriate consultant in order to ensure the best treatment for you. But we ask you to not name individual specialists because the group forum is a public site connected to the charity organisation Endometriosis UK and there could be legal consequences for the charity and the doctor concerned, whether these opinions are good or bad.

Additionally, we are also aware that one person's experience and needs of a consultant can hugely differ from another. It is therefore our policy to take down any information that we come across regarding specific consultants or healthcare professionals.

We recommend that women seek out institutions that have been peer-reviewed by other medical professionals and deemed centres of excellence. We feel that a good place to start looking for this information is through the BSGE website.

The BSGE accredit specialist endometriosis centres have consultants who are specialists in the field of endometriosis.

The Dr Foster website can be used to find endometriosis specialists (as mentioned by Juleyanne above).

We hope this information will enable you to widen your choice of consultant.

All the best,

Endo UK

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