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I think I have overlation bleeding but not sure and I'm not sure if I do have endometriosis!? I always seem to bleed a few days after I finished my period for a few days or more then a week at times. Sometimes I bleed old blood sometimes brown like at the end of a period or even bright red! Always have pains at my lower back. Could this be that I have endometriosis or does anyone know what this could be? Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for some time with no luck. I've also been to get checked for my fertility, I've taken an HSG x-ray and a fertility scan but awaiting my results which is taking forever on the Nhs! Has anyone any idea what's going on with me as I'm losing my mind with worry that I'm infertile!

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Ovulation bleeding usually occurs a spotting 10-14 days before your period : its quite common to bleed after you think your period is finished.

It doesn't particularly sound like endo, but the only way to know for sure is by having a lap.

I know ttc is difficult when it doesn't go to plan, but remember that most people take at least 12-18 months even if they haven't got any problems and as many issues are caused by male issues than female.

Good luck with your test results!


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